Missy's Right To Riff!

Somewhere in the hoplessly outdated past, a group of radical missionaries tried to pass along their belief in cold showers and clean living to others; too bad they ran afoul of an old enemy and now must riff their way into eternity...

  • Experiment 1: An introduction: The premise is explained and the gang takes on some Berry Trim Plus Spam!   Chapters 1  2,  and 3

  • Experiment 2: Smells Like Christmas: The gang faces their worst nightmare; riffing fics about themselves!  Pieces 1,  2,  3  and 4

  • Experiment 3: The War of Jeffy. Kat's invention exchange gets her into a huge heap of trouble...  Chapters 1,  2,  3,  and 4

  • Experiment 4: The Merchandising of Katie Vix: Kat and Jerry try to profiteer of of Kane's misery, while the gang tries their hand at an odd little fic...  Prolouge,  Chapters 1,  2,  3,  and 4

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