Lynxara's Satellite!

The legendary Lynxara basically created the basis for this entire archive with her legendary "Satellite of Nitro". Considered the best of the best!

  • Experiment 101: Sailor Moon vs. The WWF: An Oscarfic of epic proportions.   Chapter 1   and 2

  • Experiment 102: Triple Threat Featuring a rant by one Mr. Ultimate Warrior...

  • Expermient 103: The IRWF! Some insane action from an online roleplaying game.

  • Expermiment 104: A Sorceror, a Demon, and Emeralds: Some cast changes occur beneath the weight of one horrendous Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic.  Chapters 1,  2,  3,  4,  5, and 6

  • Experiement 105: Sailor MiSTie Vs Dark Sonic: Still recovering from ASADAE, the boys partake of a revengefic based on the story.

  • Special Experiment: The Comming of Munihausen: The boys recieve some special visitors as they try to deal with the overwhelming depression of this necrophiliac fic.  Chapters 1,  2,  and 3

  • Experiement 106: Double Trouble: More fun from the Ultimate Warrior, and a fic with Intense! Nad! Kicking! Action!

  • Experiement 107: An Elf Maiden's Christmas: Eric's yearning for childish innocence is shattered with a hentai-like Christmas fic.

  • Experiement 108: Lines as Q-Part 1: Some shocking changes up on the Satellite, as the gang tries to deal with their very first David Hines fic. (Incomplete)

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