Amanda's Satellite!

On the "Satellite of Degenerates", The Klique (and Bret Hart!) play pawn to both Pearl Forrester and Vince McMahon. But with the help of some very special guest stars, they just might retain their sanity....

Amanda has sadly dropped out of sight, and all of her emails are now invaild.

  • Experiment 1: I Think You're Cute: The Boys endure some spam..

  • Experiment 2: Ure Phone Will Ring After You Read This (I Swear!) More spam for the boys to endure..

  • Expermient 3: Sean Update An obsessee over Mr. Waltman spreads some cheer..

  • Experiment 4: Two Worlds Collided: In which the boys meet their new boss, some new friends, and riff a horrendous Bret Hart fic.

  • Experiment 5: Two Worlds Collided 2: The boys and their co-horts experince a vaugely familiar series of fics...(Was to being crossover with SOG Satellite; incomplete).   Part 1,  Part 2,  and Part 3  

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