October 2003 Archived Quotes

October 26 - November 1, 2003

- Danielle 11/1/03

Danielle: wait
Auto response from Amanda: Gettin dressed then off with Alex
Danielle: getting dressed, then off with alex
Danielle: OR
Danielle: getting dressed then getting off with alex?
Danielle: LOL
Danielle: cuz that could be interpreted both ways
Danielle: ORRR
Danielle: getting dressed with alex, then getting off with alex
Danielle: which wouldnt make much sense... cuz if youre gonna do THAT... it should be getting UNdressed, then getting off with alex
Danielle: ok
Danielle: i'll be quiet now

- Danielle harassing Amanda online while she was away 10/28/03

Justin: How come his clothes look like Halen's?
Danielle: Batista?
Justin: Yes!
- Justin realizing whose wardrobe Batista raided, 10/27/03

*Austin's music hits*
Danielle: Ah, the voice of inebriation.
Justin: Mark?
- Danielle & Justin watching Austin interrupt Eric Bischoff on Raw 10/27/03

Batista looks like Ice!!!
- Batista in preppy clothes on Raw 10/27/03

Jojo56qwerty (10:14:05 AM): Is Smarterchild Homosexual?
SmarterChild (10:14:05 AM): That's me!
- Justin harassing online AIM chatbot SmarterChild, 10/26/03

October 19 - 25, 2003

Justin: Are they having sex?
Danielle: *pauses and stares*
Justin: In a whirlpool?
Danielle: *laughs* YES!!!
- Danielle & Justin waiting for MSN Messenger to sign in, 10/24/03

The bee Danielle killed and dissected 10/22/03

What Danielle did to Justin for Decade Day at school 10/21/03

"As long as King Arthur here follows my lead..." - Chris Jericho, regarding Scott Steiner, when talking to Eric Bischoff on Raw 10/20/03

"You and me... bra and panties match... right now." - Torrie Wilson to Brock Lesnar on the Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain commercial 10/20/03

October 12 - 18, 2003

Danielle, Amanda, Justin & Bryan at the OSPW rally 10/18/03

"If you spill your noodles in Danielle's car, she's gonna beat you with Justin!" - Lauren Main to Amanda Wasielewski on the phone before Danielle picked Amanda up for the OSPW rally 10/18/03

"Oh my God! There's a giant dust bunny... under the refrigerator!" - Random guy in Looney Tunes Seaport at Darien Lake 10/17/03

Danielle, Justin, and Amanda at Six Flags Darien Lake for Fright Fest 10/17/03

Justin: *stoner-like* Look what time it is.
Danielle: 5:26???
Justin: *still stoner like* Wait...
- In the car on the way to Darien Lake 10/17/03

"Was that Harlem Heat??? I could have sworn that one of them was Booker T! And I could have sworn the other was too!!!"
- Justin Chortie watching the stables on the WWE Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain review on Tech TV's X-Play (Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb) 10/17/03

NHLAJL: chs?
NHLAJL: where is it
NHLAJL: ?????????????

RavensBabyGirl99: its a place in a far away country where i ride a pony to skool everyday cause my family cannot afford a car and u donthave to pay for gas money when u have a pony and chs is also in the land of stray dogs that attack u when ur sleeping causeb u cant afford locks either so the doors are always open and this is what i like to call home
- Amanda online, giving directions to her school 10/15/03

Stacy getting stunned by Austin segment:
1) When did Stacy physically provoke Austin?
2) Because Stacy doesn't like beer, Austin's allowed to stun her and still be face?
3) Does this make Stacy a heel?
4) Why doesn't this make sense?
5) What is going on?
6) Who am I?
7) Where am I??
8) What am I doing here???
- Raw 10/13/03

Goldberg: SON OF A BITCH! *throws hat to ground*
Danielle: Isn't your head cold now?
Justin: Dammit! I lose more hats that way!
- Danielle & Justin Chortie watching Goldberg almost get hit by a car on Raw 10/13/03

Danielle: *reads back of some guy's t-shirt* Police...?
Amanda: Poe ... lice?
Danielle: Poe lice?
Amanda: Po's lice?
Justin: What about Puma?
- Danielle, Justin, & Amanda waiting in line for Haunted Catacombs 10/13/03

Danielle, Justin & Amanda on a Haunted House Adventure Day 10/13/03

October 5 - 11, 2003

Danielle: You wanna get eaten by a crocodile?
Kyle: Yeah!
- Danielle Chortie & Kyle Aichinger watching crocs on Discovery Channel 10/11/03

Pictures from the Stephen Lynch concert 10/10/03

"PFFT!!! I liked that song, Stephen! PFFT!!!" - Gay Disco Priest Ghost at the Stephen Lynch concert 10/10/03

"I like wet mounts!" - Christine, in Danielle's Zoology Lab 10/8/03

The Rot N Luk treasury, started 10/6/03. Will be used for sticker production, t-shirt production, and bail money for Marc Mandrake when he takes out Goldberg.

HHH: Like a famous man once said, "Everyone's got a price."
Danielle: Ted Dibiase?!?!
- HHH talking about the $100,000 bounty on Goldberg on Raw 10/6/03

"I don't like Kane, and I'll never like Kane." - Jim Ross on Raw 10/6/03... so in 6 months when Kane's a face and JR is singing his praises, we have proof that JR is a liar.

Dish Info on Raw: A $100,000 bounty on Goldberg.
Danielle: Yeah, let's kill the Jews!
Justin: Danielle... HHH... blond hair, blue eyes?
Danielle: :-O !!!
- Danielle & Justin Chortie reading the Dish info on Raw at 8:30 pm, 10/6/03

Pictures of Kyle 10/5/03

September 28-October 4, 2003

"DANCE PUMA DANCE!!! JONNY WANT A CRACKA?!?!" - Amanda Wasielewski & Danielle Chortie poking Puma's cage with a kendo stick (in their fantasy world) 10/4/03

"GREG KARMHA IS A SEXY BEAST!!!" - Amanda Wasielewski & Danielle Chortie talking about hot local wrestlers REALLY late at night 10/4/03

Pictures from ESW Hardcore Halloween 10/4/03

[[cop car pulls up behind a van parked in a handicap space in front of Tops]]
Danielle: Oh, I guess they parked in a handicap space when they weren't supposed to.
Amanda: So they're gonna block them in? "YOU'RE NOT MOVING UNTIL I SEE YOU BREAK A HIP!!"
- Danielle Chortie & Amanda Wasielewski pondering the cop car in the parking lot at Tops 10/1/03

"Stop scooping my gonads!!!" - Justin Chortie to Amanda Wasielewski at Anderson's 10/1/03

"That tastes too much like Vanilla Ice!" - Amanda Wasielewski at Anderson's 10/1/03

JR: Van Dam just ate that ladder!
Justin: *makes biting face* Ohgm!
- Jim Ross' commentary and Justin Chortie's response during the RVD/Christian ladder match on Raw 9/29/03

Christian: *points and smiles* Ladies! *walks by Lita and Trish*
Trish & Lita: *slight acknowledgment*
Off-camera voice: One more tme, one more time.
Christian: *turns around*
Camera: *fades*
Danielle & Justin: WTF??? Technical difficulties??
- Danielle & Justin Chortie watching the second to last segment on Raw 9/29/03

"Have a toast! Drink up! Everything is fine in the world, I guess!" - Chris Jericho commentating during Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jim Ross, & Jerry Lawler's drinking celebration.

Danielle: HHH is looking for a HITMAN!
Danielle & Justin: *exchange knowing glances*
- Danielle & Justin Chortie watching HHH offer $100,000 to anyone who will take out Goldberg on Raw 9/29/03

Danielle: Why does HHH remind me of like... old Biff in Back to the Future II?
Justin: Hahahaha yeah!
- Danielle & Justin Chortie watching HHH ramble on Raw 9/29/03

"STEINER TURNED HEEL!!! OH HOLY YES!!!" - The look on Test's face when Scott Steiner slammed Stacy Keibler on Raw 9/29/03

e-mails sent to Danielle by "Jeff Hardy"... Take them as you will. 9/29/03

- Amanda Wasielewski to Marc Mandrake online, 9/29/03

Bryan: It took us 5 years, but we finally saved up for a condo.
Sandy: I thought he was gonna say "a condom"!
- Bryan Taylor & Sandy Chortie 9/29/03