Amanda and Justin on the Kahunaville display outside the Galleria mall.

Amanda showing off the straw contraption at Johnny Rockets.

What the Johnny Rockets waitresses do to your ketchup.

What Amanda did to her ketchup.

Johnny Rockets logo on a glass.

Amanda's ketchup interpretation of gonads.

Amanda sitting in the parking lot before Haunted Catacombs.

Amanda, Justin, & Danielle leaning over the camera.

Justin "Superman" Chortie.


Amanda loves Jesus!

So does Justin!

Danielle loves the lion.

Amanda loves riding the lion lol.

Justin likes pulling the lion's tail.

Thirsty, guys?

Amanda is Miss Antiques.

Yeah Rot N Luk photo shoot.

"Slash-tue" of two little boys.

Amanda joining in...

We thought this thing was dead... but we poked it with a business card and it moved. It couldn't fly...

We ended up flipping it on it's back.

We decided we should put it out of it's misery... that's Amanda's foot above it...

But ultimately, Danielle was the one who euthanized it.

I... don't... know...

Doesn't Amanda look like one of those mermaids on the front of a pirate ship?

Giant Mighty Taco sticker on the trunk of someone's car!! It was like the size of a notebook. It rawked.

Justin wishes he was as cool as Jeff Hardy.

Danielle working the pole.

Now THIS is what I want my house to look like.



Orazio's!!! Ahhh old Italian men!

Yes, I totally agree.

Gas prices reflected in a store window... Look like "ear". Danielle took this pic waiting for the light at Kenmore and Delaware in Buffalo.