Amanda sticking out her tongue.

Kyle sitting on the couch and smiling.

Amanda & Kyle grinning at each other.

Awww how cute.

Amanda showing the Hardy gunz and Kyle attempting I guess lol.

Pikachu enters digicam land.

Amanda holding Kyle's head up so he looks at the camera.

Kyle holding Pikachu on his head.

Amanda playing with Kyle's hair.

Kyle sticking out his tongue.

Amanda & Kyle sticking out their tongues.

The TV making a very interesting announcement.

Kyle sitting on the floor and holding up Pikachu.

Kyle doing the Hurri-pose.

Kyle pretending to be "BOOKA T" before a Spinaroonie.

Kyle as Tatanka.

Wolfpac is back causin' mass destruction... guess who's here, the bad boys of wresslin'

Kyle singing "I Want Action"... Randy Walka DUN DUN!!!

Kyle in the middle of spinning around in a circle.

"BOX!!!" - Kyle

Kyle pulling Pikachu out of the box.

Kyle getting excited about Play Doh that isn't even out of the containers.

Kyle on the phone. Probably talking to BOOKA T.