Brooke's Satellite!

Brooke's Musi are never quite happy to be subject to the fics they're watching. But they make for quite the entertaining group.

  • Experiment 1: The Really Real World, WWF Style. Brooke's Boys endure their first fic, a poorly-betaed piece that takes off on MTV's Concept.  Chapter 1  and Chapter 2

  • Experiement 2: The House on Hardy Hill: Brooke's Boys are back, reading a fic that's based on the movie and filled with Intense! Mary! Sue! Action! (Incomplete)   Chapter 1   and Chapter 2

  • Expermient 3: Sins of the Father And Son Some Vince/Shane slash spices up the horror..

  • Expermiment 4: Once Upon A Time: Get That Woman A Hairbrush!: The boys decustruct a "classic" fairytale (First of more than one; incomplete).

  • Experiement 5: Deconstructing Dah Tarah: The boys get to riff one of Flame's longest work "Dah Tarah of the WWF" (Incomplete).   Part 1,   and Part 2,  

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