Your Superhero Persona by couplandesque
Your Name
Superhero NameThe Armadillo
Super PowerMind-Reading
EnemyThe Landlord
Mode Of TransportationGiant Hamster Named Skippy
WeaponWire Hanger
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Your Superhero Persona by couplandesque
Your Name
Superhero NameEmo Kid
Super PowerInvisibility
EnemyMartha Stewart
Mode Of TransportationScooter
WeaponBeer Bottle
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I'm going to Hell because I write slash fanfiction!
You write awful slash fanfiction and bring shame
upon your family. (Or you read it and
have thought about writing your own, and that's
bad enough.)

The shadow of your evil
will remain on this earth for as long as the
Web lasts.

You should be hanged in front
of angry villagers on Christmas Day, you sick

Why Will You Go To Hell?
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I am TOAST! Crunchy and delicious, I am good with things on me.
I know this because I took an online test written by lunatics.
I would get the same result no matter what I put in, because the
nutcases in question really like toast.
Take some kind of Quiz!

The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Seventh Level of Hell!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Low
Level 2 (Lustful)High
Level 3 (Gluttonous)High
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Low
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Extreme
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very High
Level 7 (Violent)Extreme
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Very High
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)High

Take the Dante's Inferno Test

COLLEGE MARK. You're doing your own thing. You have
a car, a college, and you're single. You have a
few close friends and a bunch of new ones since
high school. You don't sleep much, but don't
seem to notice anymore. Your hair has been a
few styles and colors, and you care less about
what people think of that. You're a politically
minded liberal dude. You go out alot, but stay
home on your computer for hours on end too.
You're happy.. if only a little tired.

Which Mark are you?
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You are daydreamer Danielle. You imagine yourself
as a wrestler, a rock star, or whatever it is
that you wish you were that day. You're
convinced that someday you're going to meet
Jeff Hardy or Eric Bischoff or whatever other
wrestlers you have the hots for. Get a life and
quit it with the slash fiction. Which Danielle Are You?
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Jeff Hardy
You are the epitome of unique, Jeff Hardy! Which Sexy Wrestler Guy Are You?
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Shane Helms
You are Shane Helms!

Which Member of 3 Count Are You?
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French Guard I'm French! Why do think I have this outrageous
accent, you silly king-a?!

What Monty Python Character are you?
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You have an entrancing kiss~ the kind that leaves
your partner bedazzled and maybe even feeling
he/she is dreaming. Quite effective; the kiss
that never lessens and always blows your
partner away like the first time.

What kind of kiss are you?
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your fuck.

What swear word are you?
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You Have the Power to Turn Things to Stone!

What's Your Magic Power?
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sex appeal

(results contain pictures) What kind of ANIME BOOBS do you have?
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You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
care about presents or about going to fancy
placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
being around your boyfriend.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
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Exhibitionist movie! You'd get off on letting
ANYONE and EVERYONE watch you have sex...even
small children, you sick sonofabitch! Kinky is
your middle name.

What kind of porno would you star in?
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What's your sexual appeal?
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Weed. Youre the baby of the drugs, and thats okay, because Im sure, I could do you all day.

Which drug should you be hooked on? [now with pictures]
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breast implants!

what's YOUR deepest secret?
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So goth you're dead!
You are every goth-kids dream!

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?
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Info Black
Your Heart is Black

What Color is Your Heart?
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I am punk music!!
Rock on, dude! You are Punk music!

What type of music are you?
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Orlando Bloom: you like them dead sexy, with an
orgasmic accent and looks. *drool*

Which guy are you destined to have sex with?
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I hate you so bad
you are the "I hate you so bad" happy
bunny. You hate everyone and eveything and your
not ashamed of it.

which happy bunny are you?
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You are the typical feminist, depressed, artist.
You go against the crowd and do everything you
can to be different. Too bad noone notices.
Try communicating with people, not just looking
down on them.

What kind of typical high school character from a movie are you?
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Brown Eyes

What Color Eyes Should You Have?
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Your soul came from the Bowls of HELL! You're a
demon preying on the mortals of Earth. BACK TO

Where Did Your Soul Originate?
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You see the world in Red
Red: Aren't you the romantic? Life is poetic. If you
don't already, write poetry, you're good at it.

What color do you see the world in?
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Goddess of the Night. Beautiful yet a strange
darkness and sadness lurk about you.

What element would you rein over? (For Girls)
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Fairuza Balk
Scary in a very good way, you're Fairuza Balk.

What sexy girl are you
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What Is Your Animal Personality?

brought to you by Quizilla stab
You'd stab them

How would you kill someone
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Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Telling ghost stories
that scare the crap out of me is your goal in
life. Please stop, the clowns'll eat me...

What's Your 90's Nickelodeon Show?
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Random Fast-Food Mascot

What's Your Personality Type?
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Emotional Wreck. You are extremely emotional. You
feel contentment moreso than happiness and your
emotional lows are to the extreme. You need to
cheer up and start enjoying your life. Where
there is rain there is a rainbow and you need
to see it more than others. Do something that
makes you happy.

How Emotional Are You?
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You are Jack the Ripper. Yours were some of the
most brutal murders recorded in history--yet
your case is still to this day unsolved. You
came from out of the fog, killed violently and
quickly and disappeared without a trace. Then
for no apparent reason, you satisfy your blood
lust with ever-increasing ferocity, culminating
in the near destruction of your final victim,
and then you vanish from the scene forever. The
perfect ingredients for the perennial thriller. You are quite the mysteriously demented?

Which Imfamous criminal are you?
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You are blue. You are somewhat innocent, in the fact that your genius only extends to the physical world. You have a false sense of contentness. You are usually the quiet one, the genius. Everyone can count on you to help when they have problems, but you only fall short of being able to solve your own.

What inner color are you?

You are a dark writer. A fierce and loyal follower
of Poe and the other gothic authors, you LOVE
to instill a sense of revulsion and somewhat
fear in your readers. You love to poke their
brains with logic dealing with the darker side
of the human mind and character. Truly
surprising and a true individual, you'll do
ANYTHING to create a scene. :)

What's YOUR Writing Style?
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your gary!
Are you sure your not a cat? Cuz your a lot like
Gary. All you do is meow and follow anyone with
a cookie.

Which Spongebob Squarepants Character Are You Most Like?
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Your Satine! Your the center of attention. Everyone
wants you or wants to be you. You really don't
believe in love until you find that special

Which Moulin Rouge Character Are You?
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Which Type of Music Are You?
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My match is sone sexy bitch!
Your match would be Jeff Hardy. You like
them wild and extreme, but still so romantic.
Damn! I wish I was you!

Who Is Your WWE Wrestler Match?
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You high-flying thang you!
Your Lita. Your the high-flying Queen of
Xtreme everyone knows and loves. Your
beautiful, daring, and you hang out with two
really hot guys. What I would do to be in your shoes...

Which WWE Diva are you?
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I am Allison! Which Brat Packer Are You?

You are *Magenta*! You're husky singing voice and
luscious lips make you very very sexy! Guys
want you, girls want to be you and you have the
biggest hair ever seen on film! You do have a
rather strange obsession with your brother

Which Rocky Horror Character are You?
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Congrats ur the TONGUE, get busy

**************What Part of the body are U?*************
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You're GIR. You have no purpose in life other than
insanity and comic relief. But it's okay, we
love you anyway. "WHYYYY?! Why my
piggie?! I loveded you piggie! I loveded

Quiz of Doooooooom!
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Max Shreck: Gotta leave a legacy for my kid

What Christopher Walken Character are you?
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Which Batman Villian are You?
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Which of my Favorite Super Heroes are you?
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Your most like Jareth!

What Labyrinth Charater are you most like?
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Way to go! Your a furry caring, lovable James P.

What monster from Monsters Inc. are you?
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Its a bird, no its a plane, no its SUPER GROVER!! You have big dreams but you still are scared of
your own shadow. Stop bothering that poor man!
Your Grover!

What Sesame Street Character Are You?
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You enjoy BOXERS! You just love the feeling of air
hanging around your... uh... yes. Or maybe
you're just a skater and can't wear your
favorite briefs because all the boys laugh at

what type of undies are you?
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You're a shotgun blast to the face. Screw everyone
else, you hate yourself and want to die. You
don't want attention, but you will take secret
pleasure in the brains and skull matter your
so-called "friends" will have to wipe
up after you're gone.

What kind of suicide are you?
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GIR // GIR is one of the most hilarious people on
the show. He's a robot and is SUPPOSED to be
helping Zim. His quote is "Can I be a
moongoose dog?"

Which Invader Zim character are you?
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Oh my! you are a duck!!! I'm so proud oh you!!!
Ducks are my favorite thing in the whole world!
So embrace your duckiness! go!! Jump in a
pond!! quack to your hearts content!!! Don't
worry!!! I'll get someone to bring us some
bread crumbs.

Are you a duck?
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skylar jade

Your Stripper Name is Skylar Jade!

You're an experienced stripper at a typical club, with the stage name to prove it.
You haven't yet made it to the top end clubs in the big city...
But you certainly don't have to wipe down the mirror after you dance! You're seasoned at pole tricks and could win a gold medal - if pole dancing were an Olympic sport.
You love doing private dances for customers - as long as there's no touching and big tipping!
You've got the future of a $2000 a night feature dancer, Jenna Jameson style!

What's *Your* Stripper Name?
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Your Sexual Energy is Orange!

Your sensuality is flashy, energetic, and in your face.
You draw attention to yourself without even trying.
You are 100% sexy, and people respect you for it.

While you are incredibly seductive, you don't wear your raw sexuality.
You keep all your most carnal urges inside, and no one's the wiser...
Well, except for a select few :-)

Your talent is working your date for a long time before you actually give into sex.
You love that first look, that first kiss, that first touch...
After hours of bliss, you'll finally take your date back to your place.

Spice up your sex life by owning your sexuality - and flaunting it!
How about some public exposure, or some bathroom play?
Just add in some wild creativity and your fun will be tripled!

Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz are perfect examples of orange sexual energy.

Look out for people with brown, gray, and red sexual energies - they are perfect for you.

What Color is Your Sexual Energy?
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nice ass

You Have a Nice Ass!

Oooh, baby can you shake that booty?
With an ass so fine, it's your duty.
Give it a grab, give it a spank.
You're the envy of every skank.

What Ass Do *You* Have??
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Your Hottest Body Part is Your Eyes!

Jeepers creepers, where'd you get those peepers?
Your eyes definitely have IT.
You bat those eyes at any man, and he comes running.
Making eyes at men you crave is your specialty.
You can even cry prettily with tears in the right places.
And you love to keep your eyes open during sex, not missing a single thing.

Celebs who work their eyes as hard as you do include: Mandy Moore, Jennifer Garner, Heather Locklear, and of course, Heather Graham.

Want to play up your eyes even more?
First of all, make sure they're visible - by keeping your hair away from your face and by wearing subtle makeup everywhere but your eyes!
Invest in an eyelash curler, a good brow job, and some quality mascara.

What's Your Hottest Body Part??
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boycut panties

You Are Boycut Panties!

Original, funky, and stylish.
You set your own trends.

What's Kind of Panties Are *You*?
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Paul Heyman
You are Paul Heyman. Your ideas are always awesome
and you believe that younger lightweight guys
are the future of wrestling. Although you tend
to suck at paying such wrestlers. Wrestlers you
like are: Rey Mysterio, Scotty 2 Hotty, Randy

Which pro wrestling promoter are you?
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You are LB and Steve-O! You are the coolest person ever! I think the
picture speaks for itself.

Which Pic Of The Day character are you most like?
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