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I'm supposed to be finishing my paper about lemurs with ehrlichiosis (don't ask), but I decided to take a break and go through everything on Rot N Luk.com and update it. For awhile, Justin was taking the liberty of updating random stuff and putting random CRAPOLA on the site, so I banned him from uploading anything lol. I may be acting like a prick, but I'm the one who pays for the domain name and the bandwidth, I think what I say goes.

Besides, now that FeRRaRi is working the independent wrestling scene, everything around her needs to be moderated. I can't have anything offensive on my website.

Wow, I haven't updated this commentary in 4 and a half months... yeah... I've been busy. FeRRaRi's commentaries are better anyways. :P

I also need to work on making more buddy icons. I have a list of requests... of course, they're requests from Justin LOL.

On to updating more...



Note To Self: points to cover... working at Franco's on Halloween, Jackson Avenue Yard Fight, zoo, and Halen's house

OK. So yesterday was Halloween... and I had to work 2-5 at Franco's Pizza, because it's supposedly busy. I was thinking, yeah, ok, whatever...

Um... I pretty much ran away at 10 after 5... first off cuz I had to go home and get into my Warrior costume... second...

There was a LINE OF PEOPLE outside of Franco's waiting to pick up food... and there were pizzas and wings and subs and salads piled on the counter... I was frightened. veddy veddy frightened.

SO... onto the Yard Fight... um... oh, what's it called... OH yeah!! We suck!!!

I didn't take pictures. It was awful. Like... I should've at least done better, ya know, since I'm like... A WRESTLER IN TRAINING. LOL.

But, ya know... if anyone REALLY wants pics of me as the Ultimate Warrior... it wouldn't take much for me to dress up and take some pics... otherwise, forget it lol.

So... I had to go to the zoo this morning for my internship. It was rather uneventful. Except that I got out 5 minutes early, which gave me 5 minutes to change out of my monkey poop clothes and into something a little more appropriate for ring work.

So, 2:32, on the road to Chris Halen's house for some good ole Old School Dojo action. Lots of people there, and I tried to absorb as much as I could (information... not pain lol. although... let me get back to you on the pain thing tomorrow lol) in the hour or so I was there. I really REALLY wish I had more free time... cuz I KNOW I'm not doing as well as I could be doing, and it's because I don't have time to go train. But anyways, I wanna thank Chris Halen for once again letting us use his backyard, and I wanna thank Marc Mandrake, Deacon, Bishop, Randy Walker, and Greg Karmha for overseeing the training. You guys are all great, and I'm really learning a lot from you. Thanks. :)

So right now I'm babysitting perhaps the youngest OSPW fan in the world, my cousin Kyle... who is all excited that I was wrestling today with Marc, Karmha, and Randy Walka DUN DUN. Surprisingly enough, he's only sang "I Want Action" once today while I've been here. :)

I'm gonna go try to upload all this stuff... it's so weird to update Rot N LUk.com when I'm not at RNL central, AKA my house.

Hello, and welcome to this edition of me rambling about nothing important. LOL.
Song of the moment: Macho Man Randy Savage "Be A Man" ... They played it on 103.3 The Edge this morning as Shredd and Ragan were going off the air at 10... it's Macho Man calling out Hulk Hogan... and I would like to PROUDLY admit that yes, I bought Macho Man's CD. I bought it at FYE in the Galleria Mall while we were stalking... I mean, when we saw Flatline at the mall. LOL
We haven't been to any haunted houses since the last time I wrote... but I want to go at least to Fright World (FRIGHT WORLD HAS 5!!!!), and maybe to the corn maze... and I heard on 92.9 WBUF (Buffalo's Rock Station) that tomorrow night... at some theatre, can't remember which... they're showing
Wizard of Oz, The (1939) while playing Pink Floyd as the soundtrack. I wanna go... so I'm trying to decide if I wanna go down to Downtown Buffalo and get a ticket... I'm lazy though.
I'm waiting for the first ever official Rot N Luk.com bumper sticker to come in the mail... if it turns out cool, the Rot N Luk.com online store at cafeshops will be opened.

MOVIE REVIEW Scary Movie 3 (2003) aka "Scary Movie 3: Episode I - Lord of the Brooms"PG-13
OK, I really liked this movie. I thought it was really funny. Definitely better than the second one, which I thought was dumb... not as good as the first one though... On a scale of 1 to 10, Scary Movie (2000) would be a 9, Scary Movie 2 (2001) would be about a 5... and Scary Movie 3 (2003) aka "Scary Movie 3: Episode I - Lord of the Brooms" would be about an 8.
I do think you have to have at least seen Ring, The (2002) to appreciate the parody they make of it in Scary Movie 3 (2003) aka "Scary Movie 3: Episode I - Lord of the Brooms". They also parody Signs (2002), which I didn't see... but I still liked Scary Movie 3 (2003) aka "Scary Movie 3: Episode I - Lord of the Brooms", so I guess it's more important to have seen Ring, The (2002) lol.

Roots by Alex Haley
I finally FINALLY finished reading this... all 729 pages of it. And I'm glad I did. Because I almost stopped reading it, back when I was struggling through the first 150 pages or so... and then Kunta gets captured by the 'toubob' (white people) and gets sold into slavery... and the book starts going so fast that I couldn't put it down. It's a book that takes a little bit of a commitment in order to finish... but it's well worth it.
I'm sure any praises I would write about the book have already been said many times before. But it truely is an awesome awesome book... and if you want a book that's a great read, go for this one. Because it's actually full of true stories... the people in the book are the author's ancestors... the lineage is all true. The dialogues, while 'made up' by Haley... are just his written interpretations of what his ancestors were feeling - it's what he believes, and what he almost knows, that they said.
To paraphrase Strong Bad (homestarrunner.com)... On a scale of 1 to awesome, this book's super great.

Alright, right now, I'm gonna try to win 4th row tickets to WWE Smackdown in Buffalo on Nov. 4th from 92.9... wish me luck lol.
Also, be ready for Halloween... as Rot N Luk.com will be representing the old WWF, WWE, OSPW and ESW... with an old WWF superstar and an OSPW superstar going at it in a "Yard Fight" at the Rot N Luk.com headquarters for the viewing pleasure (?)... of all who stop by. There will be pictures up, I promise.

Hey everyone. Now is the time when I start writing commentaries that are full of lots of wonderful content lol.
Song of the moment: Stephen Lynch "Big Fat Friend" ... I've had this stuck in my head since we went to go see Stephen Lynch on the 10th. It's a funny, funny song. Download it or something. Or just go buy Stephen Lynch's CDs - you won't regret it.

Halloween Season 2003 Haunted House/Halloween Activity Review:
Haunted House #1 - House of Horrors, Walden Galleria Mall $12 regular, $10 with a coupon from Mighty Taco
The first Halloween type thing I did this year, besides trying to get costumes together. Amanda, Justin, and myself went here on Columbus Day... it was supposed to open at 2pm. It didn't. Apparently they were having technical difficulties or something, as they had maintenance guys coming in... and finally they opened sometime after 3pm. We had waited in line behind this group of five 12 year old girls... they were really loud and annoying. So they were the first ones in... and they let us in like 5 minutes after the girls went in. We still ended up catching up to the girls, who were shrieking and screaming their heads off. *sigh* We ended up in a line, with me in front, Amanda behind me, these 5 girls behind her, and poor Justin at the end behind these really annoying girls, who were scared out of their wits. I noticed that there were these things on the ground... when you stepped on them, things would pop out at you and stuff. So being the nice person I am, everytime I saw one, I said, "Don't step on that." Which totally made the haunted house gay. And 2 of the girls still chickened out. There is a cool part where you put on 3D glasses and walk through the rest of the house, which is painted in neon colors and looks really sweet. Reminds me of Batman Forever (1995) when Dick Grayson goes to that club. But they make you give the 3D glasses back at the end.
Walk-through time: approx. 25 minutes.
Rating: LAME. $10 for 25 minutes of common haunted house effects... ehhh. Not really worth it, unless you're already at the mall, and feel like having people jump out at you. I suggest saving the 10 or 12 dollars and just go to Johnny Rockets and get some good food in a totally kickass restaurant.

Haunted House #2 - Haunted Catacombs, Clarence, NY $12 regular, $11 with coupon printed off the website: http://www.hauntedcatacombs.com/main.html
We went here after rocking the mall, eating at Johnny Rockets, and getting giddy because we saw Flatline at the mall. It opened at 6pm. We got there about 5, so we hung out in the parking lot... you all saw the pictures on the Quotes page lol. In my opinion, this was better than House of Horrors... scarier... well, not scary to me, but it would be for other people. A lot of it was dark, tight passages... best desribed by the like, 20 year old guys behind us, "IT'S TIGHT UP IN THIS BITCH!!!" And the door maze is always fun... even though we got out of pretty quick. Again, we ended up with little girls... they latched onto us too. And because it was dark, Amanda was holding on to the back of my shirt, and the girl behind her was holding on to her shirt... so she'd get scared, pull back, choke Amanda... who would choke me. Ya know, fun times. lol.
Walk-through time: approx. 20 minutes.
Rating: Decent... although it was shorter than House of Horrors, and more money... it was better. Haunted houses really are expensive though. Don't go unless you get the online coupon. Save yourself the dollar. I know there's a haunted hayride over there... we didn't go on it... but I heard from people there that it's really good, so maybe you should check that out instead.

Fright Fest, Six Flags Darien Lake $15.99 regular admission, $12.99 discount ticket at Tops; $3 for Brutal Planet
Amanda had 2 free tickets to Darien Lake, so I went to Tops and got a $12.99 ticket, and me, Justin, and Amanda were off to Darien Lake on Friday October 17. I went to Fright Fest last year, and I had a lot of fun, because the kids who dress up as zombies are freakin hot. lol. So we started walking through the graveyard part... and there were a few hot zombies... one, I swear to GOD, looked like Omen. Did the whole Omen walk and everything. So we walked around back there... and there's this plantation place with a gallows... and they were back there trying to figure out how they're gonna "hang" this girl. They're like, "OH... we're not ready yet..." We're like, "That's ok, we'll come back later!" So we went over to the pizza stand and got some slices... then waited in line for the Dead Man's Dance Party at one of the theatres... which absolutely RAWKED. Anytime I get to hear Alice Cooper songs rocks. There were hot zombies... dancing... and singing... and one of the guys was REALLY hot and ended up straddling Amanda's leg at one point... but by the end of the show we decided he was gay lol. My Gaydar was screaming. "RED ALERT RED ALERT RED ALERT!!!" So then we walked back to the graveyard. More hot zombies!!! So we saw Omen again... and there was one in a sweater. We named him SWEATER GUY! We watched the hanging, which was kinda cool. Then we walked over to where Brutal Planet is... and I'm like, "Oh, it's only $3, let's go." My God, it totally ruled! You have to go there... and the alien autopsy room... is the best. It's 1/3 of the cost of the other haunted houses, and it's like, more than 3 times better. We went on the Ferris Wheel and the Viper, and we went through the Graveyard again - saw the Omen zombie, one that looked like TSK, one who looked like Josh Matthews... and Sweater Guy went behind me and growled in my ear!!! Justin won a t-shirt from Donny Walker of Kiss 98.5 in the "Who can make the scariest noise?" contest, and Justin screamed like a woman. So, for the same amount of money that I paid for myself to get into House of Horrors and Haunted Catacombs, I got myself into Darien Lake, and the 3 of us into Brutal Planet. And had a way more awesome time.
Walk-through time: about 10 minutes for the graveyard, 20 minutes for Brutal Planet... and whatever time you spend walking around the park.

So that was my haunted house review lol.
So Saturday (Oct. 18th), me, Amanda, Justin, and the infamous Bryan Taylor went to the OSPW rally. It was alright... not a lot of people showed up. But 3 bands played... and you could buy pizza and pop... and beer if you were 21 lol. And Amanda and I took pictures with Pimp Daddy B and SEXY BEAST... I mean Karmha. :) So that was cool.
Saturday afternoon, at my house, I was online, and we were at the Buffalo Zoo's website... cuz somehow I got the idea that Rot N Luk.com should adopt (sponsor) one of the animals. So I looked, and it costs $50 to adopt one of the ring-tailed lemurs. We made a decision that we want to adopt one. I just have to either fill out the online application, or maybe I'll go to the zoo and do it. We decided on the lemurs because they were the only animal on the list that I get to take care of when I do my internship at the zoos on Saturday mornings. And the lemurs freakin rawk.
AND... Last order of business, I think lol. I'm currently working on setting up a Rot N Luk.com online store at cafeshops.com. Basically I was looking for someplace to make rotnluk.com bumper stickers, but cafeshops has other stuff, like t-shirts and lunchboxes and mousepads lol. When I get it completely set up, I'll open it up. Probably by the end of the week.
Yeah, I think that's everything I wanted to say.
Thanks for bearing with me through my ramblings. :)
Now I'm off to update more stuff on the site.

Hey, I just got out of work... and the subject of this commentary, I've wanted to write about for like a week or so, but I just kept forgetting cuz I'm a moron LOL.
OK, some of you might not even know what I'm talking about... cuz I don't know if this is going on anywhere else, or just here in good old Western NY...
But it seems that there's a fad this Halloween, and it's really really bothering me.
SO many people this year have those big, inflatable Halloween decorations that sit on your front lawn and light up. And they bother me. They make me wanna run up to their lawn and stab those things with a pen.
Like, there's pumpkins... or you can get ghosts... or well-known cartoon characters in Halloween attire. I've seen Scooby Doo... and my creepy next door neighbors (who don't have kids, are like, 35 years old, and are obsessed with Winnie the Pooh) have a big Tigger and a big Pooh in Halloween attire, inflated and lit up on their lawn.
It's times like this I wish I had a b b gun.
So that's my rant of the night.
Now to share my thoughts with the world... as in uploading this to the ftp server.

Yeah Gay Disco Priest Ghost!
So yeah... here's the full story of today.
I had ya know, my stupid classes this morning. Got out of my second class about 9:45, went and hung out in my car and listened to Shredd and Ragan on 103.3 The Edge... right at 10am, at the end of their shift, they play the "Stop! My ass is on fire!" clip that means you're supposed to call in and win. So I call. It's busy. Again. Busy. Again. Busy. Again. Busy.
OK. One more time.
And it rings. So I'm like, Oh, they've already got a winner.
Ryan Patrick (one of the interns) answers the phone, "Hey Edge, who is this?"
"What's your last name Danielle?"
"Do you wanna go see Stephen Lynch tonight?"
So I won tickets!!! I've never won anything on the radio!!!
So me and Justin used the free tickets, and Amanda paid for a ticket for herself.
The concert fucking RAWKED. Stephen Lynch is fucking hilarious.
And the Gay Disco Priest Ghost... Stephen decided that The Sphere looked like a gay disco... and when the lights changed, he was like, "Did the lights change?? Is there a ghost in here???" And he named it the Gay Disco Priest Ghost.
So my night pretty much fuckin ruled...
But, ya know, God hates me, so he couldn't let me have a COMPLETELY WONDERFUL night.
Nope, he had to make sure my FUCKING BLINKERS on my PIECE OF SHIT CAR didn't work.
I almost cried driving home.
But... I'm ok now.
Ice cream makes everything better.

OK, this is gonna be a long one.
Let's try and get this all in order.
OK, first. Friday night... no one... NO ONE... can tell me they had a better Friday night than me. :D
And that's all the details you get. LOL
Saturday... did my internship at the zoo... got to see a spotted leopard in a carrier cage being switched from one van to another on his way from the Erie zoo to Binghamton. He wasn't too happy... lol.
Saturday afternoon... made GFC t-shirts!!!
Saturday night... ESW Hardcore Halloween. Would've went no matter what, but the main reason was to support the GONADS! :p Marc and TSK put on a great match, and the Gonads Fan Club made sure there were plenty of "GONADS" chants during the whole thing. I definitely liked the signs Karmha and Halen had... "Have you gotten your gonads stomped lately??" Marc gave me his CBGB shirt after the match. Fun times. :D
OH...and congratulations to Mastiff for winning the ESW title! THAT totally ruled!!!
Today I babysat and stuff...
And here comes the long part...
Now, I probably shouldn't do this, because this will give a certain person the attention he must be looking for... but, here we go.
I just got a phone call 10 minutes ago from my aunt... this is pretty much how it went...
"Danielle, I've gotta ask you something."
OK, go ahead.
"On your website..."
"On your website... do you refer to my son as... 'Fuckface'?"
"Well Wayne says he's been to your website, and you talk about how to give a good blow job... how to give a good hand job... how to keep your man happy... and you refer to Kyle as 'Fuckface'..."
Uhhh... no??? I would never say anything like that!

And so on. So uh... Wayne. The Christ? I've like, never talked to you... the most communication I've ever had with you is on the Rot N Luk message board... and if you're pissed at me for getting into an argument with you on that... that's really pathetic. And it's just completely and utterly wrong to go off and go out of your way to look through every piece of information about me on the internet and look for "bad" things about me to tell people.
I mean... what kind of mental disease do you have???
Anyways... I want to end this on a good note...
So... OSPW Fall Brawl is in 13 days, and I'm hella excited about it. If you wanna see Marc Mandrake, Chris Halen, Sons of Thunder, Greg Karmha, and Randy Walker (DUN DUN...LOL)... you gotta go to OSPW Fall Brawl on October 18th. It's gonna rawk. Like whoa.
And oh yeah, another happy note... I got a digital camera on Friday!!! So now I can put funny pictures up LOL.
*goes on to updating 943598347589 things on Rot N Luk.com*

I was in the ring again yesterday. I wanna say thanks to Halen again for letting us use his backyard... and I wanna thank Marc Mandrake and Greg Karmha for being awesome trainers!
Again, I don't have any bruises... I'm just sore.
Oh wait! I lied! LOL. I DO have a bruise on my left thigh... but thats when I banged by leg with either a board or a beam when we were taking the ring apart. I don't bruise from wrestling lol.
So I'm gonna start hyping up the next OSPW show now lol. Since it's less than 3 weeks away. It's October 18th at the Lockport Fire Hall, 5666 Transit Road in Lockport, NY. There's a tournament for the OSPW Men's Title, and OSPW Women's Champ Angel Williams will be there putting her title on the line against Alere Little Feather. It's gonna be an awesome show. I can't wait.
Yeah... so my Commentaries are really short right now, but once I debut in OSPW, it'll be so much better... cuz I'll have lots of stuff to talk about.
Check out oldschoolpro.cjb.net for more info on the show October 18th!

I started wrestling training last night!!! I had so much fun! I wanna thank Chris Halen for letting everyone use his backyard as a temporary training facility. And I wanna thank Marc Mandrake, Deacon, and Bishop for being awesome trainers.
Apparently I did well... cuz Marc told me that some people take like 3 months to do some of the stuff I was doing. I gotta learn to be like... less light on my feet LOL. I can't stomp...
Anyways, I had lotsa fun... and I'm not even that sore... and I can't find any bruises. So I think I'm good LOL.
I can't wait to get back in the ring.
And... I did my weekly internship thing at the Buffalo Zoo today. During lunch, the keepers got a call for assistance... and I went with Lynn cuz we were gonna go help. So we walked through the big cat area. :D
I got to see a tiger like... up close!
He was beautiful.
OK, I'm gonna work on the site some more.

So... let's see if I can actually keep THIS updated LOL. Probably not...
See, I've got several of those online diary things on freeopendiary.com that I haven't exactly been good about updating. I've been too involved with this site... which excites me way more than the diaries LOL.
OK... so everything you probably came to my part of the site for is behind one of the kinda weird phrases at the top.
I'll explain them here...
FUN WOW... is the main page of my site. It's just got the little adopted The Edge from U2 and an oral sex donation thing. LOL. Feel free to donate!
USELESS INFO... is the 'about me' page. It's got my e-mail and stuff... and pics of me. Yay.
RAMBLE... RAMBLE... RAMBLE... in case you haven't noticed, is this commentary page LOL.
I HAVE NO LIFE... is the page with all the buddy icons I made.
I REALLY HAVE NO LIFE... is a page with pictures and stuff I've made/messed with on the computer... and some wavs of me singing and doing impressions. :-\ Scary. It's not open yet, so don't click it LOL.
I AM TOAST!!!... is my quiz results page. One of the quizzes told me I was toast... so I figured I'd call my quiz results section that.
Um... let's see... this'll be way better when I have cool stuff to talk about... Like being Marc Mandrake's valet in OSPW. That starts October 18th. I'm so freakin' excited about it!
In fact, my part of the site will probably turn into my official site as a valet/soon to be wrestler. So stay tuned for that.
Well, I'm gonna go work on other stuff for Rot N Luk.com!