Other Crap I've Made

Feel free to take these too. The collages and bigger pics are good for desktop wallpapers... I mean, if you actually wanted them LOL.

This is Jaff... it's an old joke I had with my friend Kimi, when I was talking about Jeff Hardy online and accidentally typed "Jaff"... so I claimed this teddy bear was Jaff.

A pretty sloppy desktop. It says "nWo for life" in the background, with a huge neon green "D-X" painted over it.

Made from a pic of the tribal dudes praising the letter H. I made them praise HHH.

A pic I put together for Alexander The Poet.

I added some thought bubbles, that's it. LOL.

*big grin* Yeah, self-explanatory. LOL.

Brock Lesnar collage I made.

Again with the thought bubbles lol.

Late night comic strip I made.

D-X shirt I drew on Paint.

A stupid picture I made lol.

I just added the speech bubbles.

I made this little Eric Bischoff collage for the yahoo skin I made.

A little Eric Bischoff collage I made.

This was a pic of a Goldberg Christmas ornament. Well, Goldberg is Jewish, so I decided to let everyone know.

HBK Shawn Michaels collage I made.

A quick thing I made on Paint one day when I was still at school in Fredonia. I was Direct Connected with my brother and sent him this.

A Jeff Hardy collage I made.

A pic of Y2J and Christian that I softened the edges of and added speech bubbles to.

A pic I made for Josee.

A collage of Lestat from Interview With the Vampire that I made.

A pic I made of Amanda sitting on Jeff Hardy's lap.

A pic I made of me and Eric Bischoff.

A pic I made of me and Jeff Hardy.

A pic I made of me as the World Champ for the e-FOD.

A collage I made with some pics of me.

Made for the e-FOD. I look like X-Pac LOL.

nWo spray-painted over the D-X shirt I drew on Paint.

The banner I made for the e-FOD.

Screen cap I took of my computer one day.

The Revolution banner I made for the e-FOD.

Shannon Moore collage I made.

Pic of Sting I drew on Paint.

Another collage of me I made. I was gonna put it on my diary on the e-FOD, but never did.

The 3 Count thing I made on Paint in October 2002 to print out and iron onto black t-shirts for Halloween.