A handy guide to understanding a conversation with Marc Mandrake and his 70's Slang
(Compiled and crafted with love and admiration by the Gonads Fan Club!)

anjimal: animal.

bastards: Marc's universal word for everyone... except the Gonads Fan Club!
     ex. "I can't get out of work early today... BASTARDS!"

Baz-A-Licious: one of Marc's nicknames.
     ex. "I'm Baz-A-Licious... or rumor has it."

Boof-A-Licious: worthy of smoothing up on.
     ex. Marc: Boof-A-Licious... uh... like... i wouldnt kick ya outta bed for eatting crackers and getting em all over the place
          Marc: that kinda thing
          Marc: like...
          Marc: i WOULD be smoothin up on YOU

critter: creature/animal.
     ex. "What's so special about this critter?" = "What's so special about this animal?"

darlin: Marc's customary nickname for females.
     ex. [online, to GFC member Amanda:] "hey darlin, whats shakin?"

dig: either a show of approval or a show of understanding.
     ex. "I really dig you." = "I really like you."
     ex 2. "I can dig it." = "I get what you're saying."

feelers: feelings.
     ex. "You're hurting my feelers." = "You're hurting my feelings."

GONADS: self-explanatory.
     ex. "You don't have the gonads to face me!"

Groov-A-Licious: like groovy.
     ex. "Groov-a-licious... you like... rock... kick ass...groovy... awesome"

groovy: cool.
     ex. "The party was really groovy." = "The party was really cool."

ifn: if.
     ex. "Ifn you want, we can hang out Friday."

irks: bothers.
     ex. "It really irks me that I have to stay at work."

LOL: pretty much what Marc says online after everything.
     ex. Danielle: We're making the official Gonads Fan Club page :-D
          Marc: YES!!! LOL

Manimal: Animal, as in the wrestler.
     ex. Marc likes to play as "Manimal" on Smackdown!: Here Comes the Pain for PS2.

mucho: a lot / very.
     ex. "I'm mucho sorry." = "I'm very sorry."

OH: an exclamation of mild surprise or shock.
     ex. Danielle: since you're not here, I guess I'll just have to call TSK...
           Marc: OH
           Marc: that's just harsh

ok...see...: an expression Marc uses right before a ramble.
     ex. "ok... see... [insert one of Marc's 'me, Sweater Guy, and [someone else] got really drunk and...' stories]"

read the palm: talk to the hand.
     ex. Amanda: ur a loser!!!
          Marc: ya know what... read the palm!

sexcited: sexually excited.
     ex. "OK, now I'm all sexcited LOL."

skeering: scaring.
     ex. "You're skeering me." = "You're scaring me."

smooths: hitting on.
     ex. "I'm not gonna smooth on Angel."

uh: ...yeah.
     ex. "Surprises, uh... scare me."

yew: you.
     ex. "Hey yew"

what's shakin?: Marc's customary salutation.
     ex. "hey darlin, whats shakin?"

whatevah: whatever.
     ex. "I got yelled at for using AIM at work... I was like, whatevah."

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