Pictures of Mandrake & the GFC:

Pictures of Mandrake vs. Jason Static from NWL 4/3/04, courtesy of

Pictures of Mandrake from NWL 4/3/04 taken on Ferrari's digital camera

Marc Mandrake being tossed over a railing by Chris Hamrick on 2/6/04

Pictures of Marc Mandrake w/Ferrari & Warpath vs. Youthamania (Randy Walker & Mastiff) w/Briana Bryans from NWL on 3/6/04

Marc Mandrake, Ferrari, and Nikolai Volkoff, 3/6/04

Marc Mandrake, Ferrari, and Chris Hamrick, 2/6/04

Pictures from OSPW Rebirth 1/17/04, taken by GFC members Amanda Wasielewski and Jessica Limina

Pictures from 12/20/03 of Mandrake winning the OSPW NY title, courtesy of Ken Mackowiak

Pictures from Rough Wrestling, Inc. 12/6/03 (Breaking Point (Mandrake & Randy Walker) w/ Ferrari vs. Sons of Thunder w/ The Dark Side)

Pictures of Mandrake from ESW 10/4/03