May 2004 Archived Quotes

May 23 - 29, 2004

"My spleen!!! ....Oh wait.... that's my spine..." -Amanda 5/23/04

May 16 - 22, 2004

Quite a long instant message between Danielle and some kid over buddy icons and much more 5/20/04

Danielle: *sleeping and mumbling* Oh my God...
Mark: Hmm?
D: *still half-asleep* Oh, nothing.
M: Oh, I thought you said something.
D: I was just thinking about how much the gorillas at the zoo eat.
M: If you're thinking about that while you're sleeping, you're dedicated.
- Yes, I know, I (Danielle) have weird dreams, and they make me talk in my sleep, 5/19/04

Danielle: Can you imagine if Kyle had been here when he called? If Kyle heard me say, "Bye Walker", he'd like, freak out. "Randy Walka?!?!?! ... DUN DUN???"
Justin: *laughs*
D: Can you say "Randy Walker" like Kyle does? It's like... "uh-Randy Walka", you have to have an "uh" before it.
J: But there's a "g" in there too.
D: Yes!
J: Uh-Ragdy Walka.
D: *laughs* You do that great!!! ... *laughs* Raggedy Walka.
- Danielle & Justin discussing Kyle's pronunciation of "Randy Walker", 5/18/04

May 9 - 15, 2004

Gumby was on Raw!!!
- 5/10/04

Carol: Do you know the only time that sloths come down to the ground?
Jeremy: When they fall?
- Danielle's Mammal Culture class, 5/10/04

Kyle: Dee Dee!!!
Danielle: Hey Kyle, what's up?
Kyle: *looking past Danielle, grins* Mark...
- Kyle ignoring Danielle at Grandma's house, 5/9/04

May 2 - 8, 2004

*eyes bug out of head* "There's a Transformers game?!?!" - Hyjinx of NWL, upon seeing a commercial for the Transformers video game, 5/8/04