StoneColdTruth93: hey
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: hey
StoneColdTruth93: u made the site of icon called things i made right
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: yep
StoneColdTruth93: i saw it
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: did you like it?
StoneColdTruth93: it was pretty good
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: thanks
StoneColdTruth93: bu8t i looked on lesnar
StoneColdTruth93: *but
StoneColdTruth93: did he and kurt really kiss
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: yep
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: after a smackdown went off the air
StoneColdTruth93: y?
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: they were goofing off
StoneColdTruth93: thast not goofing off that queering off
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: you're obviously a homophobe
StoneColdTruth93: me nah
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: you sound like you hate gay people
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: if so, dont talk to me
StoneColdTruth93: i dont hate gay people
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: well then dont get all uppity abt kurt and brock
StoneColdTruth93: u girl or boy
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: girl
StoneColdTruth93: o
StoneColdTruth93: i boy
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: cool
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: how old are you?
StoneColdTruth93: 16
StoneColdTruth93: u
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: 19
StoneColdTruth93: o
StoneColdTruth93: i get your point
StoneColdTruth93: i wounldt date a guy either
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: what are you talking abt now?
StoneColdTruth93: girls are much better
StoneColdTruth93: to date
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: oh
StoneColdTruth93: i didnt mean to offend
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: ok
StoneColdTruth93: did i
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: no
StoneColdTruth93: 0k goog
StoneColdTruth93: *good
StoneColdTruth93: so were u live
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: near buffalo, ny
StoneColdTruth93: o
StoneColdTruth93: u got gf
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: what are you talking abt?
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: no, i have a boyfriend
StoneColdTruth93: u said u were a girl
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: just because i defend gays doesnt mean i am
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: yes
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: i am a girl
StoneColdTruth93: oooo soooo sorry
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: its ok
StoneColdTruth93: jw but y do you defend gay people jw
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: theyre people too. they dont deserve to be ridiculed because of their lifestyle. i've had several gay friends.
StoneColdTruth93: girl or boys
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: guys who were gay, and i have some bisexual girl friends
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: oh, one lesbian friend too
StoneColdTruth93: lesbian coo--err o good for u
StoneColdTruth93: i dont hate gay peopel its just i think its really wrong
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: why?
StoneColdTruth93: because i think that a guy and a girl should be togerher because if god ment for it to be boy-boy and girl-girl there would be no kids cause girl-girl and boy-boy cant have babies
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: oh, the religious thing
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: ok
StoneColdTruth93: im not that religious '
StoneColdTruth93: its just kinda and acause
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: wha?
StoneColdTruth93: i just think its worng
StoneColdTruth93: thats it
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: ok
StoneColdTruth93: so thats my reason
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: ok
StoneColdTruth93: dont u think its kinda wierd
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: no
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: i think its just not what people are accustomed to
StoneColdTruth93: not even a littttttttle
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: nope
StoneColdTruth93: tiny
StoneColdTruth93: tenny
StoneColdTruth93: wenyyyy
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: no
StoneColdTruth93: insy
StoneColdTruth93: binsy
StoneColdTruth93: witttllleee
StoneColdTruth93: bit
StoneColdTruth93: but i dotn care
StoneColdTruth93: i have stong oppions
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: so do i
StoneColdTruth93: like
StoneColdTruth93: like...........
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: oh, you were asking me? you have a missing question mark
StoneColdTruth93: ok sry
StoneColdTruth93: since when were u such a gay rights acctivist
StoneColdTruth93: ?
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: since like... i dunno, since i started high school i guess. when i was old enough to form my own opinions, knew exactly what "gay" was, and met some gay people
StoneColdTruth93: o same
StoneColdTruth93: my cousin is gay
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: oh
StoneColdTruth93: i havent seen him since i heard
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: your choice?
StoneColdTruth93: not really
StoneColdTruth93: no time
StoneColdTruth93: differnt states
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: ah
StoneColdTruth93: and if i did have time i probly woulndt go
StoneColdTruth93: ive been friends since we were born
StoneColdTruth93: we had are 3 birthdat as a combined party
StoneColdTruth93: and he kept bring'n this guy named sam to reunions party birthdays etc he said they were room mates and long time friends he would always say ok see ya sammy at ______ in 1 hour he siad her name was samantha i belived him
StoneColdTruth93: but it was really sam
StoneColdTruth93: but know i get it samantha
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: ah
StoneColdTruth93: saMANtha
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: right...
StoneColdTruth93: what not funny
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: not to me
StoneColdTruth93: o y u dont even know him
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: i just think the saMANtha thing is lame
StoneColdTruth93: y
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: i just think it is, its a dumb joke
StoneColdTruth93: and he didnt addmit it for like 2 years
StoneColdTruth93: afriad of reaction
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: thats understandable
StoneColdTruth93: yeah
StoneColdTruth93: his mom was ok his mad dissipointed bros sad sis didnt care my dads dad was maddddddd i was frozen
StoneColdTruth93: *dad
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: yeah
StoneColdTruth93: my dads dad and me gett along both bigg sports guys
StoneColdTruth93: me reacted the same
StoneColdTruth93: *we
StoneColdTruth93: shocked stunned mad
StoneColdTruth93: everyone stayed and siad supporting things we both left
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: oh
StoneColdTruth93: its was kinda disturbing i went to his house to pick things up sam left and they kissed on the lips alot they didnt know i was there i got a key
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: oh
StoneColdTruth93: what would u do in that sitation
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: if i walked in on my gay cousin kissing his boyfriend?
StoneColdTruth93: yeah
StoneColdTruth93: if i walked in my lezbo cousin id me ifne'
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: walk out of the room, or say sorry for busting in
StoneColdTruth93: *fine
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: wouldnt bother me
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: and you're like most guys, lesbians are cool to you, but gay guys are disturbing
StoneColdTruth93: yep
StoneColdTruth93: sterotipacil
StoneColdTruth93: that me
StoneColdTruth93: u belive in god
StoneColdTruth93: ?
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: once in awhile
StoneColdTruth93: god made adam and eve not adam and steve
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: thats assuming there is a god
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: i tend to believe in science
StoneColdTruth93: ^ahhaha dork
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: i'm a dork for believing in science?
StoneColdTruth93: u belive in science
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: if you dont believe in science, that just makes you ignorant
StoneColdTruth93: i limke vidoe games
StoneColdTruth93: *like
StoneColdTruth93: and tv
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: wow, subject change
StoneColdTruth93: thats science
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: yes
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: but i was talking about evolution
StoneColdTruth93: ...........
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: i dont believe that god created adam and eve
StoneColdTruth93: what did
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: humans evolved from apes
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: a long long time ago
StoneColdTruth93: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
StoneColdTruth93: apes ehehehehehehe
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: yep, its official, you're ignorant
StoneColdTruth93: its alll god
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: did you know that chimpanzees and humnas have one chromosome different?
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: *humans
StoneColdTruth93: hummans ?
StoneColdTruth93: jk
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: now you're just gonna be an asshole, arent you?
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: if so, shut up and go away
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: i dont have time for assholes
StoneColdTruth93: stop talking to yourself (ahhahaha
StoneColdTruth93: but how did we get to god in this twisted connversation
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: you brought god up when you were telling me why you think homosexuality is wrong
StoneColdTruth93: well its is
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: to you
StoneColdTruth93: ver
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: a lot of people think its wrong
StoneColdTruth93: and my fameliy
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: but a lto of people dont think its wrong
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: *lot
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: its all a matter of opinion
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: and you cant change my opinion, and i cant change yours
StoneColdTruth93: its wrongggggggggggggggggggggggggg
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: and this whole conversation started with a brock and kurt buddy icon
StoneColdTruth93: thats y it anit leagle
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: its legal in some places
StoneColdTruth93: masss.
StoneColdTruth93: canada
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: its not legal everywhere because people are afraid of what they dont know about
StoneColdTruth93: canada sux
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: canada rules
StoneColdTruth93: u canadian
StoneColdTruth93: usa the bomb the best
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: yeah, actually, i am part french-canadian... but thats going back generations in my family history
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: i live very close to canada
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: and the usa is no better than a lot of other countries
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: ok
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: i am done with you
StoneColdTruth93: y
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: because you're using caps like an idiotic 12 year old
StoneColdTruth93: i got problems
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: i'm seeing this
StoneColdTruth93: seriusly
StoneColdTruth93: learing disabillitte
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: i kinda figured that one out
StoneColdTruth93: heh..
StoneColdTruth93: funny
StoneColdTruth93: very funny hehh
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: uh huh
StoneColdTruth93: its not very funny
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: it wasnt meant to be funny
StoneColdTruth93: that was mean
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: ehhh
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: more sarcastic than mean
StoneColdTruth93: its not like me making fun of gay people its differnt
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: i wasnt making fun of you
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: if i was making fun of you, i would have said something like, "you have a learning disability! that means you're an idiot! no wonder all your opinions have been stupid!", but i didnt do that, because its not nice to make fun of ANYONE, regardless of the reason
StoneColdTruth93: cause gay people cause they can help it to be gayi cant hepl being learing disibillited
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: thats where you're wrong
StoneColdTruth93: gay people can turn striat
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: gay people don't decide to be gay
StoneColdTruth93: do to
StoneColdTruth93: choices choices
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: its not a choice
StoneColdTruth93: uhuh
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: the only reason that gay people "turn" straight is because theyre either way too scared to be gay or their families force them to, but a gay person can never get rid of the feelings they have for people of the same sex
StoneColdTruth93: face it
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: face what? that you're ignorant?
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: ok
StoneColdTruth93: they have to face facts
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: you're ignorant
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: what facts?
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: that you're ignorant?
StoneColdTruth93: that they have to be strait
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: they dont have to be anything
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: i tell you what, you stay in your gay-bashing world, and i'll stay in my liberated world
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: and may our paths never cross again
StoneColdTruth93: if they want to be cock lickers ok there family will resent them but theyll have there partner
StoneColdTruth93: y do u not like me
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: because you're trying to change my opinion
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: and you're being really ignorant
StoneColdTruth93: nah im not
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: and you're acting very high and mighty, like you feel theres no way you could ever be wrong about anything
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: i'm leaving anyways
StoneColdTruth93: im wrong alot
StoneColdTruth93: i didnt say that
StoneColdTruth93: i know im wrong alot
StoneColdTruth93: i never said i wasnt
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: then stop acting like you know everything about homosexuality, because you're obviously grossly misinformed
StoneColdTruth93: i have oppinoins
StoneColdTruth93: u do to
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: yes
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: but you're trying to change mine
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: stop
StoneColdTruth93: im not
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: then stop arguing with me
StoneColdTruth93: i never siad
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: i have to leave anyways
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: goodbye
StoneColdTruth93: i dont hate u
StoneColdTruth93: do you hate me