August 2003 Archived Quotes

August 24-30, 2003

Spam e-mail sent to and replied to by Danielle Chortie 8/29/03

"Sev was born with the blood of a seaman." - Ripley's Believe It or Not 8/27/03

"You have a gynocologist... I mean, orthodontist appointment." - Jeanne Wasielewski to Amanda Wasielewski, 8/27/03

Rot N Luk's First Storybook! written by Amanda Wasielewski, 8/27/03

"Why are you going all over the country, eating hamburger... when you have a nice, juicy filet mignon at home?" - Eric Bischoff to Vince McMahon, Raw 8/25/03

August 17-23, 2003

"Christian's the kind of guy that will steal your eyes and tell you that you look better without them." - Jim Ross talking about Christian, Raw 8/18/03

"DAMMIT! I THOUGHT TEST TORE HIS QUAD! DAMN YOU TEST! DAMN YOU TO HELL!" - Danielle's thoughts on the 'Stacy is a Pole' match 8/18/03

"There was this one time that I watched this video... then I returned it without rewinding it!" - Lance Storm to Goldust, Raw 8/18/03

- Danielle's thoughts watching Raw 8/18/03

"Ric and Randy don't understand what this Evolution Chamber is all about." - HHH being subconsciously egotistical, Raw 8/18/03

August 10-16, 2003

Autographs on the kendo stick Mandrake gave to me at the free ESW show, 8/16/03
Marc Mandrake's autograph
JP Hawke's autograph
Danny Magic's autograph
Damien Alexander's autograph
Randy Walker's autograph
TSK's autograph
Flatline's autograph
Cade Cassidy's autograph
Tommy Caliber's autograph

The balloon that the ESW wrestlers gave me signed by all of them, 8/16/03

Me wearing the sunglasses that J.P. Hawke threw to us at the ESW show, 8/16/03

Amanda: You yelled at us when I asked if I could lick the green mist off your face last week!
TSK: I didn't know you were fans then!
- Amanda Wasielewski talking to TSK at the free ESW show, 8/16/03

Justin: Is Brock Vince's stooge now?
Danielle: Brock is Vince's 'freakin' animal'.
Justin: Brock is Vince's sex kitten. He got sick of Sable.
Danielle: Where is that ho bag?
Justin: *gasps* That's not Brock Lesnar!
Danielle & Justin: That's Sable!
- Danielle & Justin Chortie discussing Vince & Brock Lesnar's 'relationship', 8/14/03

"Don't get mad at me, I'm not Matt Hardy. I'm Tazz, how you doin'? I didn't hit nobody." - Tazz to Michael Cole, Smackdown 8/14/03

"Come on Eddie! Get the hydrolics going! Come on Eddie!" - Benoit, bouncing up and down, Smackdown 8/14/03

"Shaniqua is a man! She's Shelton Benjamin in drag." - Bradshaw to Faarooq, while holding a picture of Shelton with long black hair, Smackdown 8/14/03

Michael Cole: She's a foot taller than you!
Tazz: Who isn't?
- Michael Cole & Tazz talking about Shaniqua, Smackdown 8/14/03

Kurt Angle: They told me I could die.
Sandy: You did.
- Sandy Chortie's comments on Kurt Angle's injury return video package from Vengeance, 7/03

HHH: When I'm training...
Sandy: I eat Doritos.
- Sandy Chortie's comments on the HHH YJ Stinger commercial, 8/11/03

"I see you have an affinity for go-go-go-GO GO POWER RANGERS!" - Goldust to Molly, Raw 8/11/03

"We need each other." - HHH to Randy Orton & Ric Flair, followed by a group hug, Raw 8/11/03

Justin: Stacy on a pole match!
Danielle: Stacy IS a pole match!
Danielle & Justin Chortie's names for the Steiner vs. Test match with Stacy on the line, 8/11/03

Coach: You can see the anguish on Stacy's face.
King: And you can see the excitement in Rico's pants!
-Coach and King commentating during the Rico & Miss Jackie vs. Scott Steiner & Stacy Keibler match on Raw, 8/11/03

August 3-9, 2003

"I'll leave you on the wrong end of a Kobe Bryant violation!" - John Cena's rap promo on Undertaker, Smackdown 8/7/03

"Last week you called me an ass. We have something to talk about this week. I think you're an ass as well." - Matt Hardy to Michael Cole, Smackdown 8/7/03

Danielle: *shrieks* Eric vs. Shane! I hope they rip each other's clothes off!
Amanda: Bra & Panties Paddle on a Pole Match!
Danielle: YES!!!
- Danielle Chortie and Amanda Wasielewski watching Raw 8/4/02

Amanda: ESW show this Saturday!
Danielle: So the ESW is in Niagara Falls, right?
Amanda: Yeah.
Danielle: Like, ON Niagara Falls?
Amanda: *laughs*
Danielle: Is this a moving show?
Amanda: It's on a raft.
Danielle & Amanda: *laugh*
Danielle: Wouldn't that be awful? A wrestling show on a raft... it's like, *punches*, and the raft gets to the edge, AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
- Danielle Chortie and Amanda Wasielewski discussing Niagara Falls raft wrestling, 8/4/03