I am a fan of wrestling simulators, such as the Extreme Warfare/Total Extreme Wrestling series and Zeus pro, which isn't much of a game persay, its more of just an E-Fed helper...
But, the greatest thing about Zeus pro is that it is completely user friendly, which means you can create your own commentary files, promotion files, gimmick matches, moves, and wrestlers...
Recently, I have been on the search for a very elaborate list of downloadable commentary files, moves, gimmick matches, promotions and commentary files.
this is what I have come up with so far:
First of all, to download the game itself: Zeus Pro 4.0.5
14 sets of moves - 48.7 kb
26 commentary files - 58.3 kb
4 promotions and the commercial file - 152 kb
I'd like to give my props to whoever has files in my extensive lists, such as: Mystik from http://cfb.iwarp.com/
Justin Chortie - Voice Overs