September 2003 Archived Quotes

September 21-27, 2003

Justin: Does Rhyno's entrance song count as music?
Danielle: No, it's just noise.
Justin: *hums/sings Rhyno's music* Dun nuh nuh... Dun nuh nuh... TROGDOR WAS A MAN... NO HE WAS A DRAGON MAN!
- Justin Chortie's interpretation of Rhyno's entrance music during Velocity 9/27/03

Justin: Wait...
Danielle: Why are they shooting?
Justin: Wait...
Danielle: I... what... why are they shooting??
Justin: Wait! Why is Tazz on Velocity?
Danielle: [pause] :-O! I don't know!!!
- Danielle & Justin Chortie watching Velocity 9/27/03

Josh: You wrestled Crowbar!
Tazz: I never wrestled a guy named Crowbar!
Josh: Yes you did!
Tazz: I never wrestled a guy named Crowbar in my life. I wrestled a guy named Devon Storm. Do your homework.
- Tazz & Josh Matthews commentating during Crowbar vs. Sean O'Haire on Velocity 9/27/03

"TIKI!!!" - Chris Halen holding up a wicker lamp in his backyard 9/26/03

Halen: I'm a Goldberg mark!
Danielle: *laughs*
Halen: Oh, why do I have a feeling that I'm gonna see this on Rot N Luk? "I'm a Goldberg mark! - Chris Halen"
Danielle *laughs* Now that you said THAT, I have to put it up!
- Danielle Chortie at Chris Halen's house 9/26/03

Jake: dani, will you give me a job?
Danielle: hand or blow?
- Jake Merch & Danielle Chortie online 9/25/03

Justin: I want a Snoopy bag!
Danielle: Mom figured they were too gay.
Sandy: Besides, they're too small for your lunch.
Justin: Your mom's too small for my lunch.
- The Snoopy lunchbag discussion 9/24/03

Amanda: "babycakes" read my damn profile twice as many times as u lol
Danielle: rofl
Amanda: he treats my profile like its q-tips anonomous lol
Danielle: HAHAHAH
- Amanda Wasielewski & Danielle Chortie, online conversation 9/24/03

"Camera 6... your worst case scenario." - Random technical talk while Trish Stratus & Lita were walking backstage on Raw 9/22/03

Danielle: I love how Rodney Mack is trying to wear a bandanna to look more black... but he just looks more white.
Justin: He looks like you.
Danielle: YES!
- Danielle & Justin Chortie talking about Rodney Mack's accessory choices on Raw 9/22/03

Justin: Why do we have heel announcers?
Danielle: Because Vince McMahon has finally lost his mind. Now sit back and enjoy!
J: One of these days he's gonna go crazy on TV... Like blow up Madison Square Garden.
D: He's gonna come out with dynamite strapped to his chest.
J: No, he's gonna shoot himself in the head!
D: Yeah, he'll come out and strip down to his boxers just like Flair did that one night on WCW, and pull out the gun and shoot himself in the head!
J: Screw the boxers, Vince would strip all the way.
D & J: *shudder*
J: He's gotta do it at like, Wrestlemania.
D & J: :-O !!!
D: THAT'S why they're hyping WM20 so much!!!
- Danielle & Justin Chortie in a conversation that started with complaining about Coach & Al Snow, 9/22/03

"FUCK YOU GOLDBERG!!! FUCK YOU IN YOUR BIG JEWISH NOSE!!!" - Danielle Chortie after seeing Goldberg spear Eric Bischoff on Raw 9/22/03

"Tengamos el sexo." - Lunchbox, 9/21/03

September 14-20, 2003

Gail Kim: I can't believe I slept with the wrong GM.
Stone Cold: Come again?
Gail: That's ok, I didn't the first time.
Eric Bischoff: HEY!
- Gail Kim, Stone Cold Steve Austin, & Eric Bischoff backstage segment on Raw, 9/15/03

Danielle: What are you doing?
Kyle: Booker T.
- Danielle Chortie babysitting Kyle Aichinger 9/15/03

September 7-13, 2003

"Doesn't anyone have a bucket hat??" - Amanda Wasielewski & Danielle Chortie trying to make Randy Walker on the SIMS 9/13/03

Kyle: *runs around in a circle, singing "I Want Action" and slapping people's hands*
Danielle: Kyle, who are you?
Kyle: Randy Walka DUN DUN!
- Danielle Chortie babysitting Kyle Aichinger 9/13/03

Danielle: Kyle, where's Booker T?
Kyle: Goldust.
- Danielle Chortie babysitting Kyle Aichinger 9/13/03

"Maria was calling me. I felt my leg vibrate." - Sarah Klos, 9/13/03

Danielle: Oh Jesus, what did you buy?
Sandy: Gay Halloween decorations.
- Danielle & Sandy Chortie 9/12/03

Amanda: babycakes girlfriend is on!!
Danielle: HAHA
Amanda: damn awya message tho
Amanda: away**

Danielle: lol
Amanda: :-P
Amanda: ~*4/7/03*~ "Babycakes"ur the most amazing person I've ever met!! I love you more then words can say! I have never been happier with anyone else!! You're the greatest!! I Love You so much and dont ever forget that!
Amanda: yeah!! lol

Danielle: i feel funny, should we stop?
Amanda: no!!
Amanda: thats how ur supposed to feel!

- Amanda Wasielewski & Danielle Chortie talking about "Babycakes'" girlfriend 9/12/03

The note left on Danielle's car windshield today. OK, my scanner isn't hooked up, so I drew it on Paint, but that's pretty much what it looks like. Yeah Mark McKinny! 9/10/03

Sandy: I hate it when guys are bald and you can see those bumps on the back of their head.
Danielle & Justin: Head rolls?!?
- Danielle, Justin, & Sandy Chortie watching Stone Cold Steve Austin's head rolls on Raw 9/8/03

Y2J: If you wanna see Chris Jericho drink beer with Stone Cold Steve Austin, give me a doo-wa-diddy-diddy-dum-diddy-do!
Stone Cold: That is the worst catch phrase I have ever heard in the history of Monday Night Raw.
- Chris Jericho and Stone Cold Steve Austin, before drinking beer together, Raw 9/8/03

Trish looked like a leprachaun!
- Raw 9/8/03

Goldust: Who was jaywalking last week?
Lance: I was.
Goldust: And who ordered the double bacon cheeseburger with extra pickles?
Lance: That was me.
Goldust: And who was pleasuring themselves with a pornographic magazine?
Lance: That was you.
Goldust: Oh, yeah, it was.
- Goldust and Lance Storm discussing Lance's progress into the world of sponaneity, Raw 9/8/03

"It looks like the era of SLOBBERKNOCKERS and PUPPIES!!! is over. Thank God." - Eric Bischoff talking about, to and like Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, Raw 9/8/03

August 31-September 6, 2003 (otherwise known as The Best Worst of JR)

"My mom says that when I was young, I used to always walk around the house saying, 'I am Batman!'" - Danny Magic, ESW Fallout 9/6/03

Amanda: *asks Danny Magic to sign the "NO HARDBALL PLAYING" sign*
Danny Magic: *starts autographing sign and looks at her* Are you the girl who does that site?
Amanda: *confused*
Danny Magic: *points to Amanda* There's pictures of you... *points to Jessica* and you.
Danielle: Wait, what site?
Danny Magic: You click on Justin to hear a Danny Magic impression.
Danielle: That's our site! Rot N!
Danny Magic: *looks at Danielle* YOU'RE the one whose picture is on the site.
Danielle:Yeah, how did you find it?
Danny Magic: Someone put a link to it on the site and I clicked on it and thought it was cool and put the link up.
Justin: *laughs* I put the link up.
Danielle: Awesome!
Danny Magic: *goes on to tell Dan Murphy* He does an impression of me... *Danny Magic voice* "You people are stupid... no wait, I take that back. That would be an insult to stupid people."
- ESW Fallout 9/6/03
Danny Magic has been to this site!!!

Omen: *licks Amanda*
Amanda: *licks Omen back*
- One of Amanda's wonderful wrestler interactions at ESW Fallout 9/6/03

Sandy: Don Paul is getting old and ugly.
Danielle: Leave my man alone!
- Danielle & Sandy Chortie watching the 10 o'clock news, 9/4/03

- Sign idea by Danielle Chortie 9/1/03

"Maven looks like a Brillo pad... He looks like a black Mr. Clean." - Sandy Chortie, watching Raw 9/1/03

Sandy: Who is that guy talking?
Danielle: Randy Orton.
Sandy: He's gay.
- Sandy & Danielle Chortie watching Raw 9/1/03

Danielle: La Resistance!
Justin: Where's Rob Conway?
Danielle: He's dressed up as Lilian!
- Danielle & Justin Chortie before the Hurricane/Rosey vs. La Resistance match, Raw 9/1/03

"To the positive post!" - Al Chortie commentating Kane jump-starting Shane O Mac, when Kane attached the jumper cable to Shane's nuts, Raw 9/1/03

"Jericho explodes!" - Jim Ross, Raw 9/1/03

"All right, Aus-ton... For all these Ca-jons..." - Chris Jericho, Raw 9/1/03

"He's a big strong strapping young kid." - Jim Ross about Coach, Raw 9/1/03

Coach's... um... threads? on Raw 9/1/03

"We regret to inform you that Kane is dead!" - What Danielle Chortie SWEARS she heard JR say, and then he went on to commentate King vs. Coach, Raw 9/1/03

"GONADS!!!" - Marc Mandrake, Danielle Chortie, Amanda Wasielewski, & Jessica Limina, ALL THE TIME