Pictures taken by Amanda Wasielewski and Jessica Limina hottkid

Randy Walker in the ring during the opening promo.

Marc Mandrake getting beat down during the opening promo.

Mandrake, Ferrari and 21st Century Fox... the House of Pain.

Another pic of Mandrake, Ferrari, and Fox.

Kevin Grace.

Kevin Grace with a headlock on Troy Buchannan.

Troy going for a pin on Kevin Grace.

Greg Karmha's mailbox given to a fan.


Jason Pheonix on the mic.

Jessy Jones and The Prince of the Sports Generation.


The ref checking Luscious Lily's tights.

Lily and Chris Halen.

Lily and Halen in the corner.

Ferrari outside the ring during Lily vs. 21st Century Fox.

Lily playing around with the test of strength.

Fox looking outside the ring.

Lily and Fox both down on the mat, and Halen about to get up on the ring apron.

Fox putting Lily in the abdominal stretch.

Ferrari and the ref checking on Fox after the match.

One of the Youth Gone Wild guys on the mic.

Greg Karmha's ass... thanks for the picture Amanda... :\

Karmha leaning on the ropes, and Rebecca Halen behind him.

Pimp Daddy B during intermission.

Alere Little Feather on the mic.

Pheonix coming out to face Alere.

Angel Williams standing over Alere.

Mandrake and Eddie Osbourne in the corner.

Mandrake slamming Eddie onto a trash can.

Mandrake down and out on the floor.

Eddie going for the pin.

Eddie choking Marc with the chair.

Ferrari watching Marc Mandrake and Eddie Osbourne battle outside the ring, and trying to slip Mandrake the speed limit sign to use on Eddie.

The back of the speed limit sign, painted by Ken Mackowiak.

Right after Eddie slammed Mandrake through the wooden palette.

After the street fight, the Halen Family of Wrestling and the Sports Generation beating down Mandrake.

Another picture of Mandrake getting beat down.

Ferrari very upset because Mandrake is getting beat down by the Halen Family of Wrestling and the Sports Generation.

Fabulous, one of the wrestlers who came out to save Mandrake.

Ferrari applauding Mandrake's successful title defense.

TSK and Thunder.

Fabulous in street clothes.

Amanda with Greg Karmha and his mailbox.

PDB with Karmha biting the mailbox.