October 2004 Archived Quotes

October 24 - 30, 2004

Fellow Customer at CVS: Be careful with that (alluding to hair dye Justin bought)
Jojo: It's not for my hair, it's a for a whig/wig...
FC@CVS: Well, you should still be careful...
- Oh, how the advice should've been taken... The story of the hair color, and the kitchen

October 17 - 23, 2004

Jojo: (with Scary Spice doll topless): Look Kyle,
J:(perverted laugh)
J:She has boobies!
Kyle Aww... That's not fair!
- Kyle, Wishing he had boobies just like the Scary Spice doll, 10/23/04.

October 10 - 16, 2004


October 3 - 9, 2004