November 27 - December 3, 2005

Slomba: I searched for Where in the world is carmen sandiego on Google and look what happened.
Computer screen:

Justin: Yeah, last night I went on some really fun message board, but the only crappy thing about it is its only there's only two people in it, the owner of the message board and myself!
Chris: You joined my message board!
J: Yeah!
C: How'd you find it?
J: It was linked off of your website
C: I have a website?
- Conversation at lunch, 11/29/05

Miranda: i wonder how the service men will like our cards lol
Justin: they should like my rot n luk adverti... um... er... cards lol
M: lol sly businessman "go to when lying in the desert waiting for an attack!"
- Random Miranda being jokingly mean, 11/27/05

Susan Mayer: My father's really nice, AND HE GAVE ME A HAT!!!
- Desperate Housewives, 11/27/05

Miranda: Hi JOE!
Joe: WHO'S THAT???
- Joe & Miranda on AIM, 11/27/05

November 20 - 26, 2005

[Lauren is passing out the cards]
Danielle: Kyle do you wanna play war with us?
Justin: [old man voice] YA LITTLE HIPPY!
- Thanksgiving, 11/24/05

- What Kyle kept repeating after Justin (as a joke) stepped on Kyle, 11/24/05

Lloyd: I want to go to lunch...
Mr. Sommer: For what?
L: To meet up with my friends
Justin: Yeah...
Mr. S: No I'm sorry, and especially not this day...
L: Okay...
Mr. S: Well, if you had a legitimate excuse like selling the paper I would let you guys go.
J: Well, I have to hand out the howler...
Mr. S: Well that's a better excuse!
Karen: Wait, how is he getting into the lunchroom?
L: He's passing out the howler!
K: What howler?
J: [partially whispering] SHUT UP!
- Yeah Justin getting out of study hall, 11/23/05

Mr. Lyons: Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls...
Chris: [whispering] Children of all ages...
Mr. L: And Children of all ages...
- Lunchroom, 11/23/05

Alan: Well maybe you can build. [saying that Justin can make little sandwiches out of the nachos/quesadillas]
Justin: What should I build, a house? A CASTLE?
- Random Justin being weird at Ferrari's b-day celebration at appblebee's, 11/22/05

Sandy: Why don't you want them to come to the table, dee?
Ferrari: HEY!
[waitress comes over]
Marc: What's that dee?
F: I'll tell you in a couple of minutes
[waitress leaves]
F: My mom wanted them to come over and sing for my birthday, and I was going to say HEY IT's MY BIRTHDAY, and I don't want them to come over, but the waitress was over here.
- Ferrari's b-day celebration at Applebee's, 11/22/05

Every Card that Justin made for the troops:
cover: Happy Holidays!
inside cover/first page: To all of you
second page: For all of your help
last page: North Tonawanda, NY, NT High School, + Your friends at Rot N Luk Dot Com
- 4 cards that say the same exact thing, Gratitude Circle Extended day program, 11/22/05

(Miranda, Justin, and Srta Paul are all seperately dancing/singing)
- Gratitude Circle Extended day program, 11/22/05

- Chortie asking Jake if he wanted cheddar triscuits at the Newspaper meeting, 11/22/05

Justin's Radio on the speakers: I don't want a lot for christmas...
Justin: AAAAH!!!!
- Justin getting scared of the song that his mother overplays in the winter time, on the way to school, 11/22/05

Jake: These are kinda like cheese puffs that take longer to eat.
- Jake on Cheddar Triscuits on the way to school, 11/22/05

[Justin is playing Kyle's gameboy game, Road to Wrestlemania, he is William Regal and puts in a leg lock]
[The game glitches, and freezes.]
Gameboy headphones: LATINO HEAT! THE ROCK SAYS! LATINO HEAT! THE ROCK SAYS! PINFALL! SUBMISSION! 1-2-3! [Random in-game music and sounds start playing]
- Justin at Ferrari's house, morning of 11/20/05

November 13 - 19, 2005

[Bonus music from Super Mario World is playing on Justin's speakers]
Chortie: This is the bonus level.
Steve: There's a bonus level? I really don't know I never got mario.
C: Yeah, you know those bars at the end of the level? That's what you're supposed to hit.
S: You're supposed to hit those? I thought it cut you in half!
- Steve confused at the point of the game, super mario world, 11/18/05

Angel R: Do you want to, and then I can, and then we can...
Justin: Yeah, sure...
- Angel and Justin discussing their homework, 11/17/05

Ivan: Remember, guys give your wife a gift certificate, give your girlfriend a gift certificate too.
- Ivan advocating cheating on No DQ, 11/16/05

Halen: [To Todaro] Well, now You're Just Joe, Joe! Just Jo-Jo?
- Halen, No DQ, 11/16/05

Steve: So, Chortie, you wanna go play... RANDY WALKA DUN DUN!!!
- Random Steve quoting Kyle on the quotes page, 11/16/05

Steve: Buy the horizontal newspapers!
[Mister Agugliaro looks at the papers]
Mr. A: These are horizontal papers!
[He holds one up.]
Mr. A: These are vertical papers
- Steve mispronouncing the Horizon newspaper, 11/16/05

(Justin goes to office to pick up lunch, and see's Eric's lunch)
Office Lady: If you see your little friend, tell him to pick up his lunch.
Justin: I will if I see him.
- In the office, 11/15/05

Jake: So what's with the purple or blue pants or whatever.
Chortie: Oh, I wore em' because they match with the dell logo on my computer case.
J: Really?
C: No, Miranda's the one who pointed that out to me.
- On the way home from school, 11/14/05

Miranda: Hey, you know what's awesome? Your pants match the dell logo on your computer case.
- Miranda commenting on Justin's purple swishy pants, 11/14/05

Miranda: [alluding to eddie guererro t-shirt] Who was Eddie your dog?
Chortie: No, a wrestler.
M: Oooh! Um...
C: Quotes page.
M: Yeah!
- Congrats to Miranda Lyle on your first quote, 11/14/05

Aiden: 20% of Banana pickers are killed on the job because of spiders that live in banana trees.
- Spanish class, 11/14/05

Front of Justin's T-Shirt:
Back Of Justin's T-Shirt:
- Justin's Eddie Guererro T-shirt, 11/14/05

Novermber 6 - 12, 2005

Eric: Yeah so gay guys get to choose guys from the value menu...
Joe: The value menu?
E: Yeah, and us straight guys get the ninety nine cent menu.
E: Yeah. Because girls are so cheap!
- Eric and Joe's conversation at Chortie's movie night, 11/12/05

Doctor Everett Von Scott: You Did Right!
[Riff-Raff points lazer at Doctor Scott]
- NCCC production of RHPS, 11/11/05

Frankenfurter: [columbia just got hit by a lazer jumping in the way of Frank] Did you do this for me?
Columbia: Yes.
- NCCC production of RHPS, 11/11/05

Any character: Eddie
Rest of cast: SHH!!
- NCCC production of RHPS, 11/11/05

Eric: Okay, a famous person who's last name starts with the letter T.
Steve: Beethoven!
Joe: It supposed to start with a T, not a B.
S: But you said last names... Bay Toven.
Chortie: Ludwig Von Beethoven, Beethoven is his last name.
- Hanging out at Eric's, 11/11/05

TV: Tobacco Horror Picture Show
[Rest of Class just kind of stares at Justin]
- Justin laughing at the rocky horror referencing title of the crappy anti smoking video in health, 11/10/05

[Males in Spanish class look out window]
Srta Paul: What are you boys looking at?
Aiden T: There's someone taking stuff from a car behind tops, and putting it in a cart!
Angel R: Yeah, and he just left the doors unlocked!
AT: And look there's some students, they might get murdered by him.
Justin: Oh, pssh, they're skippers...
- Justin pointing out how unimportant skippers are to him, 11/10/05

Mr. Sommer: Well, that's when you have to send mail to Sound off in the Metro Paper, about your favorite candidate.
AP Gov Class: Does that mean that you do it for yourself?
[Mr. Sommer has an evil guilty smirk and blushes a little]
- AP Gov is so fun, 11/10/05

Mrs. Lentzch: I still make my children call me if they come home anytime after six O'clock.
Natalie: Even if they're hammered?
- Math Class, 11/10/05

Branden's homework slip: I dropped my homework in the toilet at Red Lobster.
- What Branden wrote when he forgot to do his homework.

[Branden makes a paper airplane out of a book cover]
[It gets thrown around and lands in Justin's hand]
[Justin Throws it perfectly]
[It goes around eventually landing back at Justin]
Justin I know I can't make one as perfect as that last one!
[Gebbie is standing with his arms behind his head]
[The airplane lands right in the middle of Gebbie's bent arm]
Gebbie: Alright! Who threw that!
J: Me.
G: Alright that's it, Chortie.
[Gebbie throws it and it lands on Chortie's head]
- Health class, 11/9/05

Branden: I'm almost done making up my answers!
Justin: And how are your answers?
B: Well, they're righter than the last ones I made up, because the last ones were alot wronger.
- Health Class, 11/9/05

Girl: So, I guess you can't work the corners tonight, huh Fezer?
Mr Fezer: OH, that's right your mom's not gonna be home tonight!
- Fezer stopping into health class, 11/9/05

Classic Quote: Mr. Vallas Ok... um... Chortin? What the heck? I just mixed up your first and last name!
- Choristers, 10th grade

Srta Paul: It's horrible when the matador has to kill the bull.
Aiden: You need some steak for the after match party.
Justin: (quietly) Sure hope it's the bull and not the fighter.
La clase de espanol 11/9/05

Joe: I liked being on the website and all, but, why did you make me out to be a big jackass?
Chortie: Oh, you mean you aren't one?
J: Gee, thanks Chortie, now I'm gonna go jump in front of a car.
Steve: Okay, bye Joe...
J: I was just joking!
S: See you in a year!
J: Why, are you gonna die too?
[Steve shrugges his shoulders]
- on the way to school, 11/9/05

Steve: OH! Now I know why my leg is itchy and wet!
Chortie: And why's that, Steve?
S: Theres's an open razor blade in my pocket!
C: Okay then, good luck with that!
- Steve's problem, the night of 11/7/05

[Justin turns the light off upstairs, then is about to go down the stairs and sees a big lump in the middle of them]
Justin: What the hell is that?
[Justin turns the light on]
Furball: [on the stairs] MEOW! [a mixture of angry for turning the lights off in the first place and Hi]
-Justin and Furball, morning of 11/6/05

October 30 - November 5, 2005

Lloyd: Chortin is wearing [move's hands back and forth] Swishy pants
- Library, 11/2/05

Steve: Trick or treat! [Steve is wearing an orange psych ward sweater]
2 year old girl: [pokes Steve] DUCK!
- Steve has a new nickname!, 10/31/05

Dex: Elvis didn't wear a tie!
Justin: I'm not Elvis, I'm Elton John!
- Drama Class, 10/31/05