November 2004 Archived Quotes

November 21 - 27, 2004

Kurt Angle: Hold on a second, I'm sure everyone out here wants to get to know you...What's your name?
"Completely" Cody Steele: Cody Steele
Kurt: Cody... Where're you from?
Cody: I'm from Rochester, NY!
- The Rochester fans expressing their opinions on "Completely" Cody Steele claiming he's from Rochester, Smackdown! 11/25/04

Big Show: I was so big, I ate my parents...
- No explanation needed, Smackdown! 11/25/04

Big Show: And I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend thanksgiving, than with the WWE fans, and, without a doubt, the single greatest announce team in the history of the business, unfortunately Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler work on mondays, so I'm stuck with Tazz and Cole!
- Big Show comedically criticizing the announce team, Smackdown! 11/25/04

Jerry "The King" Lawler: She shouldn't even be here right now, she should be in the back with Mr. McMahon, having fun.
Good Ol' JR, Jim Ross: How do you know that was fun???
(They go back to announcing)
Jerry: What do you mean how would that be fun? You don't think that would be fun?
JR: Well, he's not exactly my type, if you know what I mean...
- JR completely misunderstanding what Jerry Lawler is trying to say about Trish Stratus, not Vince McMahon, Raw, 11/22/04

Shelton Benjamin: Trish???
(Trish Stratus comes sporting a towel and a nosecast)
Trish Stratus: Hey Shelton...
Shelton: What are you doing here?
Trish: Oh Me? I was just taking A LONG, HOT, SHOWER... And where are you off to, lookin' so pretty?
Shelton: Monday Night... Raw? I got a six-man tag match, William and Eugene need me.
Trish: But what about my needs, what about TRISH???
Shelton: Aw, sugar, don't worry, you'll find somebody else, cuz' everyone already knows that you're the biggest slut on raw...
Trish: Uh... You're so uptight, you need to loosen up, and I know just how...
Off-screen familiar voice: What the HELL is goin on here?
(Vince McMahon walks into the room)
Vince McMahon: It's a woman in a towel... this is unconscionable, this is scandalous, I can see the very moral fabric of America disintegrating right before my very eyes... The Sexual Overtones... The Racial Overtones...
Shelton: EXCUSE ME?!?!?!?!
VKM: Well Shelton, you may not know this, but you're an African-American, and everyone knows that African Americans are attracted to white, canadian women, with broken noses. I'm sorry, but the FCC on't tolerate this, and neither will I! I mean I'm not going to have a locker room full of misdeeds and deviants, I mean this is the WWE, this isn't the NFL and it damn sure isn't the NBA.. It's this kind of sexual tittilation that will send you and the other wrestlers up into the stands to attack the audience. And if that were to happen, that would be the downfall of civilization, as we know it.
Shelton: You know, you, really, need to lighten up!
VKM: I have a board of directors to answer to, someone has to uphold the virtue of... Is he gone?
Trish: YEP!!!
(Trish takes towel off and the Monday Night Football theme plays)
VKM My god, Oh yeah, Unh...
(Trish jumps into Vince's arms and they try to kiss around trish's nose cast, and fail badly, Vince turns to the camera)
Idiotic Buffalonian Fans: YAY!!!
- WWE Parodies Football-Player Terrell Owens/Desperate Housewives star, Nicollette Sheridan/Edie Britt skit, sometimes I'm upset I don't always go to Raw when it comes to the area, Raw, 11/22/04

November 14 - 20, 2004

Brian McKnight: Chances are if you've never heard of this next artist, you've probably been living under a rock! Here she is, Fantasia!
Justin: WHO????
- Justin and his American Idol-less knowledge watching the AMA's, 11/14/04

November 7 - 13, 2004

Kyle: (wrestles with Jojo, then stops) My brain smells...
- Kyle making a very unique observation, 11/07/04.

October 31 - November 6, 2004