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Feeling nervous?

Feeling confident?

Either way, Nervosident is the toothpaste for you!

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Rot N Luk's Nervosident toothpaste will keep your mouth fresh and your demeanor as cool as a banana (or was it an apricot?).

Look at Coach's confidence as he chokes Shane McMahon:

And it's a good thing he used Nervosident toothpaste, because even if he's scared to death that Stone Cold Steve Austin's coming out to the ring, he at least knows his pearly whites are minty fresh.

Knowing this, Coach regains his confidence and gets right in Austin's face.

Of course, Coach's pearly whites are probably now half-way down his throat...

But they're definitely whiter than an albino's skin and smooth as a baby's bottom!

...Or something.

So order Nervosident toothpaste today! E-mail with questions about the product and to place your order.