created by Danielle Chortie, Justin Chortie, Amanda Wasielewski, and Jessica Limina

Object of the game:
To get the Jack, Queen, and King of one suit ("My Mom") before your opponent(s).

Number of Players:
2 to 8

How to Play:
- Each player gets 3 cards.
- Turn the top card of the deck over to begin the discard pile.
- Take turns taking cards from the deck or discard pile, in order to get JQK of one suit.
- First to do this gets one (1) point.
- First to get five (5) points wins the game.
- Winning on deal - If you are dealt JQK of all the same suit, you automatically win the game.
                            - If you are dealt JQK of various suits, you win the hand and you get one (1) point, for being dealt "Multi-racial My Mom".


Same rules as "My Mom", except:
- If you lose a hand, every red card (hearts or diamonds), or "Red-Headed Step-Child", gets you minus one (-1) point.
- If you are dealt "My Mom", it counts as five (5) points, not an automatic win.
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