March 27 - April 2, 2005

"Korn and Slipkuhnot" - Al Chortie, reading bumper stickers on the way to Ohio, 3/30/05

Triple H: Look into my eyes, see the truth...
Danielle: The Truth? Ron Killings? He's back!
Mark laughs
Danielle: With his posse!
Mark: That's right, his posse!
- Watching Raw and remembering North Carolina, 3/28/05

Triple H: Look into my eyes, see the future, look into my eyes, see the truth.
Justin: Look into my eyes, see I love you!
- Watching Raw, 3/28/05

Triple H: You ungrateful piece of crap.
Justin: Jane, you ignorant slut!
- Watching Raw, 3/28/05

Jerry: Christy won't go anywhere without Lita, of course Lita will go anywhere.
JR: You can't prove that.
- Raw, 3/28/05

Danielle: I've got a great name for the team of Lita and Christy.
Mark: What's that?
Danielle: "Pay By the Hour".
- Watching Raw, 3/28/05

"If he so much as blinks on me, I will get on him as fast as possible!" - Triple H, about Batista, on Raw, 3/28/05

Jerry: The ring is on fire!
Justin: No, the turnbuckles are on fire!
- Watching Raw, 3/28/05

Randy Orton: My message was clear, you're either with me or against me!
Crowd: Boo!
Orton: You're either with me or against me!!!
- nWo reference on Raw, 3/28/05

Eric: Last week, you said I should be a used car salesman, you didn't mean that.
Batista: Of course I did, Eric!
- Raw, 3/28/05

Toni: Do you take your coffee black?
Ida: No, I don't like my coffee like my men.
- Yeah Easter at Grandma's house, 3/27/05

March 20 - 26, 2005

John Cena: There's a problem with your tire, JBL!
JBL: Nothing is wrong with my tire!
Cena: Oh that's funny, because I thought it was flat...
Cena sticks a knife in JBL's tire
Cena: Yo dawg, your paint job's all messed up!
JBL: There is nothing wrong with my paint job!
Cena: Oh really?
Cena spray paints "JBL sux" on limo
Cena steals JBL's hat
Cena: Now this is a ten gallon hat, right?
JBL: That is an expensive -
Cena: That makes it a ten gallon hat!
Cena starts pouring water into hat
Cena: It only seems to hold a little under 2 gallons...
Cena dumps JBL's hat back onto JBL's head
- Smackdown, 3/24/05

"I'll have what she's having." - Linda McMahon, from the When Christy Met Kurt parody of When Harry Met Sally WM21 commercial on Raw 3/21/05

Batista: You know Eric, I see you as a politician.
Eric: Mayor Bischoff, I like the sound of that.
Batista: Even better yet Eric, you should be a used car salesman.
- Raw, 3/21/05

March 13 - 19, 2005


March 6 - 12, 2005

Miss Z: I hope you know that you owe him big for that lab he just let you copy...
Pete R: Yeah, so Justin, what do you want?
Justin: Um... your first born child!
PR: Augh...
- Justin stealing an earlier Halen-Danielle Quotes Page moment, 3/11/05

February 27 - March 5, 2005

Justin: If a student gets fat, would he be a dilated pupil?
- Justin's thought of the day, 3/4/05

"Jerry Orbach": Here, take my dog, I'm too sick to take care of it, and I trust you...
Justin: ME???
- Justin's dream, brought upon by Jerry Orbach appearing on Trial By Jury after being dead, and a portion of the case about dog abuse, not only that, but the dog, in the dream, was April, somewhere between 3/3/05 and 3/4/05

Jimmy Smits: Hello, welcome to a recollection of all of the NYPD Blue episodes in the last twelve years.
Sandy: I thought he was dead!
- Mom purposely getting Jimmy Smits, and his character, Bobby Simone confused, 3/1/05