March 2004 Archived Quotes

March 21 - 27, 2004

"You know how at the mall... people like to walk next to each other? Well, that's fine if it's like 2 people... But when it's like 5... it's like a pack of wildebeests." - Jeremy Jindra's mall pet peeve, 3/26/04

"Diana likes to masturbate... I saw her, just sitting there, with her paw in between her legs, playing with herself." - Jeremy Jindra talking about one of the bears at the Buffalo Zoo, 3/26/04

"There have been cubs from Diana... *pause* But she always seems to eat them." - Carol Riniolo talking about one of the bears at the Buffalo Zoo, 3/26/04

"ok so you wanna no where cocaine comes go and you ask this guy he says to ya "Travel 3 miles up this road until u get to a car with no wheels, in that car will be little johnny. Little Johnny's gunna try and offer u a whopper, BUT DON'T TAKE THE WHOPPER!!!!!!!!!! so yeah travel for what seems forever down a street till u see little johnny, you go "HEY!!! Little Johnny!, where does cocaine come from??" he says he doesnt no and he tells u to hook a left and go down the road until u get to a fork in the road. At the fork u dont turn left and u dont turn right u go staright threw the center and in that center will be a school bus tipped on its side, in that school bus i Auntie Joesophine. He thens offers u the whopper THAT U DO NOT TAKE so u travel down to Aunties J's and u ask her where does cocaine come from?? she tells u that your young and u'll throw your life away by knowing and ur answer is simply "listen ya old hag, just tell me how the fuck to make it" u then pull out a pocket knife. Being the old bastard Auntie Jo is she ends to crappin her pants, she then tells u that if u want to no so bad u will go to the store and get her sum more DEPENDS, so u go to the store and full like a complete ass and buy the depends, when u get back she still refuses to tell u, so u take the bag that the DEPENDS were in and u suffercate her with it. Then u dont no what the hell to do, u just killed the bitch that knew the answer and u cant go back to Little Johnny in fears he will call the cops. so u drag ur ass down Crack Whore Bulvd. While ur scamin out the whores u take one and slice her head off, u pick up the head and show it to another whore and u simply say "if u want to live u will tell me where cocaine comes from" the whore was soo scared and didnt no what to do so she told u to go see her PIMP Papa Joe, u go see Papa Joe and u notice he resembles Auntie Jo, it then clicks that they were siblings (b4 u killed her) so Papa Jow makes u an offer u cant refuse, he tells u to go outside and kill 5 people in 60 seconds, kinda sounds like vice city dont it, yeah i thought so so u go and do that and Papa Joe tells u where cocaine comes from, he then tells u in order to stay alive u have to become a hit man, u accept and for the rest of your cocaine dealing/snifing/injecting? life u work as Papa Joe's hit man" - Amanda's rant to a 5th grader on the bus 3/22/04, typed online to Danielle & posted 3/24/04

"Why? Do you think Stiffle H... Stiffle H and Triple-ina are gonna get back together on Smackdown?" - Yeah new names, given by Justin, 3/22/04

HHH: *rips off Raw shirt, comes to ring, spits water, rips off Smackdown shirt*
Danielle: What the hell is with this Hogan thing? Next he's gonna get on the turnbuckle and rip his trunks off.
Justin: *shudders*
D: No! He's gonna rip off his skin!
J: Like the Robbie Williams video!
D: Yes! *sings* I don't wanna rock, DJ...
- HHH's entrance for HHH vs. Eddie Guerrero, 3/22/04

"He's a former Internet-continental champion..." - Eric Bischoff describing Edge, 3/22/04

"Molly's clothes, Terri's hair... *Trish raises arm up as Christian wins* ...and Sable's arm thingy..." - Danielle describing Trish as a heel, 3/22/04

Jim Ross: The masivious (?) Trish Stratus...
Danielle & Justin: Masivious???
D: I'm assuming it said "mischievous".
J: As JR gets more senile, he becomes more and more like Warrior.
- As Christian and Trish come down the aisle, 3/22/04

"Congratulations Nidia. I hope you go blind again." - Paul Heyman, after Nidia got picked for Raw, 3/22/04

"Do you realize we've only picked 3 people??? It's 9:30!!!" - Danielle, 9:27 pm, 3/22/04

Justin: *looks at the Smackdown superstars and whispers* Who are these people?
Danielle: *whispers back* I don't know...
J: We need to watch Smackdown more often.
- After Shelton got picked for Raw, 3/22/04

Danielle: What is this, "Beat The Hell Out Of Rene Dupree Night"?
Justin: I hope so.
- After Y2J vs. Dupree, 3/22/04

Chris Jericho grabbed Rene Dupree's GONADS!!!
- Y2J vs. Dupree, Raw 3/22/04

Jim Ross: A lot of Raw superstars will be joining Smackdown, and a lot of Raw superstars will be joining Raw.
Justin: Oh great, another JR fuckup to put on the Quotes page!
- Raw Lottery preview on Spike TV, 8:50pm, 3/22/04

Danielle: *pours a glass of milk*
Furball: *follows Danielle around the kitchen*
D: What? You want some of this? What does Purple Rain say?
F: *meows*
- Furball still answers to "Purple Rain", 3/22/04

Spam about scaffolds sent to and replied to by Danielle on 3/22/04

Danielle: Purple Rain!!! *pats couch*
Furball: *runs and jumps on couch*
- Danielle's cat now answers to "Purple Rain", 3/21/04

March 14 - 20, 2004

Rot N Luk's first ever audio haiku, from last summer, being reposted on the Quotes page 3/18/04

Rene Dupree: *speaking "French"*
Justin: *rolls tongue like Charo*
Danielle: *bursts out laughing*
J: That should go on the quotes page... "Rene Dupree... speaking French... Justin rolls tongue all high pitched..."
D: No. Justin rolls tongue like Charo.
J: Like Charo???
D: Yes!!!
J: *quietly singing like Charo on "Pee-wee's Playhouse Christmas Special"(TV) I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas...
- Ah, Danielle & Justin missed making fun of Raw, 3/15/03

Dear Groovy Movies,

We were deeply saddened that your establishment was not open today, the 14th of March, 2004. We have such a feeling of emptiness, that can only be filled by watching Karmha play video games, and watching Al play with puppies. Cute puppies. :)

We tried to drown our sorrows at Besta Pizza. But there were no puppies. Or video games. Or Randy Walker.

So when you get this, on the Ides of March, reflect on how much Rot N Luk adores your fine establishment.


P.S. Todaro, how's the lemonade? :P

- The note left on a Besta Pizza napkin in the Groovy Movies video return dropbox by Rot N Luk, 3/14/04

March 7 - 13, 2004

"*pokes Ferrari in the back* And I wore the bucket hat! Just for you!" - Randy Walker, after getting into Mandrake's truck, 3/13/04

Jeanne: Kyle, what did you have for lunch today at school?
Kyle: Butt.
Jeanne & Amanda: You had butt???
Kyle: Good butt!
- Kyle's favorite food, 3/11/04

February 29 - March 6, 2004

"Come on, buddy!" - Marc Mandrake's phrase of the weekend, 3/6/04

Halen: Oh yeah, I got to read an online report of our kids.
Becky: Huh?
Danielle: Huh... OH! The Quotes page!
- Halen's house, 3/3/04