Rot N Luk approved links: - Great online radio stations. Danielle especially reccomends Modern Rock Classics
-, the official site of A.D.O.R.E. - Amy Dumas Operation Rescue & Education - Official site of Alexander The Poet - Official news site of ATP - Official fansite of ATP she's not just another pretty diva... An Alexis Laree site which uses Rot N Luk's Buddy Icons
Amanda's myspace New - Offical Site of Angel Williams - A huge list of things to do when you're bored. - Official site of "Coverboy" Cade Cassidy - Official site of Chris Halen
-, the greatest Eric Bischoff site out there, run by Danielle's cool friend Kelli - Official site of ESW-Empire State Wrestling - F.U.C.K. - Freaking Ugly Crazy Kids
-, a great site about Greg Matthews from Tough Enough 1, run by Kelli also - Homestar Runner! - Internet Movie Database
Invader Chort - (Justin's Other Fan Fictions) - Offical site of Invention Seven
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Justin's videos on Youtube New - Pic of the Day with LB and Steve-O!
- Lord Donk Homepage - Future home of SZ cartoons NEW
Lorddonk Forums Awesome message board with everything from roleplaying to discussions New - Official Site of Marc Mandrake
My Mom the Card Game Yahoo! Group - Made by Justin
Official Kan-Jam Site, A game created by Paul Swisher, one of Justin's teachers who also happens to be a rotnluk fan - Official site of OSPW-Old School Pro Wrestling - Pro Wrestling Simulator Enthusiast, containing simulators like Zeus Pro, Extreme Warfare, etc. - Fun tests, SparkNotes... and your mom, all in one. - Official site of Ultimate Warrior!
Western New York Wrestling Yahoo! Group - Made by Justin
- 'Nuf said.
WWE Movie Fan Fics Yahoo! Group
WWE Movie Fan Fics Dot CJB Dot Net - Alternative WWE Movie Fan Fics - Official Site of Randy Walker