Play as Danielle or Amanda!

Beat the other girl in wrestling matches, street fights, cat fights, skill games, puzzles and more!

Perfect for the Video Game/Karmha/Both obsessor in your life!

Includes: Story Mode, Gun Fight, Trash Talkin' action, online play, extreme under-water basket-weaving events, create a Karmha Fighter, plus many more hidden features!

If you win the game you get special sound clips to listen to, like Amanda shouting: Johnny want a Cracka!, and Danielle with the ever popular spin-off of the phrase, "your mom," which is so secret, we can't tell you what it is!

Coming under your Christmas tree, Menorah, stocking, or anything similar in the holiday season of 2010 (sorry for the delay, but Justin doesn't have time to learn programming skills yet)!

Coming soon, An add-on module that lets you play as Karmha himself, as you try to ref the matches, get out of there as fast as posssible, or attempt to convince them that someone else is better looking (Like PDB, Marc Mandrake, Deacon, Bishop, Chris Halen, Randy Walker, Ian, or any other local Indy Superstars, for that matter)!

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