July 2003 Archived Quotes July 27-August 2, 2003

Kyle: *asleep*
*Spanky's music hits*
Kyle: *sits up* Wassat??
Danielle: Who is that? Is that Spanky?
Kyle: Yeah!
Danielle: Yeah, that's Spanky.
Kyle: *asleep*
- Danielle Chortie and Kyle Aichinger watching Velocity 8/2/03

"Matt Hardy is an ass!" - Michael Cole, Smackdown 7/31/03

Here comes the money... Here comes the money.
Danielle: *shrieks* SHANE!
*Shane McMahon comes out*
Danielle: Oh my God! Shane is HOT!
- Danielle watching the end of Raw 7/28/03

*Brian Hebner takes off his shirt and gives it to Sable*
Danielle: Awww, how cute.
Justin: Brian Hebner has tattoos?
Danielle: Yeah I guess so... Wow... he's HOT.
Justin: OK then.
- Danielle and Justin Chortie, watching the end of the Steph/Sable match at Vengeance 7/27/03

"Oh HOLY WEDGIE!" - Tazz during the Steph/Sable match, Vengeance 7/27/03

Danielle: Who's the Easter Bunny?
Justin: I think it's Brother Love! *laughs*
Danielle: No... the Bunny's too skinny to be Brother Love.
*Brother Love's music hits and he comes out*
Danielle: See? Told ya it wasn't Brother Love. *laughs*
Justin: *laughs* Yeah I guess not.
*Brawl starts and Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore beat on the Easter Bunny*
Danielle: Maybe it's Evan Karagias!
Justin: *laughs*
Danielle: Wait, isn't he in NWA:TNA?
Justin: Is he?
Danielle: Oh no, wait.. he's in XPW, right?
Justin: Maybe...
Danielle: Maybe Jeff's the Easter Bunny! *laughs*
Justin: *laughs* I don't think so.
Danielle: Yeah.
Justin: I know! It's Joey Styles!!!
Danielle: Yeah!
- Danielle and Justin Chortie, trying to figure out who was in the Easter Bunny suit during the APA Barroom Brawl at Vengeance 7/27/03

John Cena: I'm gonna piss on the mark.
Justin: On the MARK?
Danielle: :-O Taker??
- Danielle and Justin Chortie watching John Cena's promo on Undertaker, Vengeance 7/27/03

Michael Cole: Harley Race, Ricky Steamboat, Sting, [etc. etc.]
Justin: What?
Danielle: You'll see them all later in the APA Barroom Brawl!
Danielle & Justin: *laughter*
Justin: No... *laughs*... I think those were the past U.S. champs.
Danielle: They were.
- Danielle and Justin Chortie watching Eddie vs. Benoit, Vengeance 7/27/03

"It's like... 'I created Zach Gowen... and now I'm gonna kill him!'... Oh wait! That's not right." - Justin Chortie, imitating Vince McMahon, after watching the Vengeance intro video 7/27/03

"You're soakin' up blood like a tampon
I'll leave you like Zach Gowen - no leg to stand on."
- John Cena promo on Undertaker, Sunday Night Heat 7/27/03

Danielle: I don't know which is worse... Sable finding Vince McMahon attractive... or Vince finding Sable attractive.
Justin: What about Vince finding Stephanie attractive?
Danielle: Whaaat?!
- Danielle and Justin Chortie watching Sunday Night Heat 7/27/03

July 20-26, 2003

"Mattanomics and Thugatude." - Matt Hardy, Confidential 7/26/03

"Billy Noble... Billy Noble, what the hell? I just combined two wrestlers." - Tazz commentating during the Billy Gunn/Jamie Noble match on Smackdown 7/24/03

"You've got all 5 of my girlfriends jealous
Each one of 'em wants to beat me."
- John Cena rapping to Stephanie about her match against Sable, Smackdown 7/24/03

Danielle: Look at Shawn Michaels crawl!
Justin: Dun dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun dun!
Danielle: I was just gonna say that!
- Danielle and Justin Chortie watching Shawn Michaels try to crawl to the ropes to get out of the Walls of Jericho on Raw, 7/21/03

"Ow." - Shawn Michaels, holding his chest during his match against Chris Jericho, Raw 7/21/03

July 13-19, 2003

Justin: Let's see if I can be straight-faced for a few minutes.
Danielle: You can't be straight anything for a few minutes.
Justin: *dirty look*
Danielle: *sips water and smiles*
Justin: *laughs*
Danielle & Justin: *play War*
Justin: Your mom can't be straight anything for a few minutes.
Danielle: You're delayed.
- Danielle and Justin Chortie playing War, 7/15/03 10:14pm

"You rotten bastard!" - Eric Bischoff, Raw 7/14/03

"Those flames tore the flesh from my skin!" - Kane, Raw 7/14/03