Justin Chortie on No DQ asking about Ferrari Vs. Paris Hilton - 155KB, 00:47
Rot N Luk presents an audio haiku! - read by poetic master, Justinius Chartier, 267KB, 00:17
Hard Knock Loif, a British version of the classic Annie Song Sung by Britjo, 344KB, 01:57
The classic Annie Song, Tomorrow, done Macho Man style - Sung by Machojo, 161KB, 00:55
Me singing the phantom of the opera - sung by regular-ol' Justin, 320kKB, 01:49
The ballad of the missing microphone - sung by Jojo, his back-up band (Opera Justin, Justina and Loud Justin) and a background solo by deera, 34KB, 00:09
Self-Titled Track - sung by boy band jojo, 43KB, 00:12
Ferrari vs. Paris Hilton with classic 70's rock song playing in background - scratched by DJ Joho, 652KB, 03:19
I humped Jude - South Park Clip with Elvis singing Hey Jude in the Background, scratched by DJ Joho, 285KB, 01:17
It's a small OSPW after all - scratched by DJ Joho, 614KB, 03:28
WCW NES vs. Leo Laporte - scratched by DJ Joho, 767KB, 03:51
Two TechTV quotes mixed together - scratched by DJ Joho, 179KB, 00:44
Triple H vs. WCW NES - scratched by DJ Joho, 255KB, 01:11
Song I did for English Project - Rap song, with sound clips added, 1,637KB, 0:06:47<--- Updated, now it works