February 20 - 26, 2005

(Justin has his hat over his face)
Justin: I can't see very clearly...
Alan: What ARE you doing?
(A few seconds pass by)
A: We've always kept you in the dark as a child, haven't we?
- Justin and Dad making a couple wisecracks at eachother, 2/26/05

(Justin is looking at the foldover that says Carrot cake)
Justin: Look Bugs Bunny's favorite dessert!
Alan: Chocolate Peanut butter Pie?
J: Oh, whoops!
(Justin turns foldover over so that his Dad can see the Carrot Cake side)
- Justin not realizing the other side of the Foldover doesn't say the same thing, 2/26/05

(The Denny's Foldover said "Rich, Smooth, Cheesecake: Plain or with Cherry")
Justin: Rich, Smooth, Cheesecake with Plane...
(Justin starts making plane noises)
Alan: Did you forget your pills today, Justin?
- More Denny's Fun, 2/26/05

Denny's Waitress: And would you like Seasoned Fries?
Justin: What are Seasoned Fries?
DW: Fries with seasoning on them...
- Justin ordering food at Denny's, 2/26/05

TNA Note: Does anyone else think Kevin Nash looks like Dan Murphy?
- Justin's comparison, while watching TNA Impact, 2/25/05

(Dan Kriegbaum looks at the match listing for the WWE House show: "John Cena & Big Show vs. JBL & Orlando Jordan")
Dan: Look, the team of a man who You can't see and a man who you can see from a mile away!
- Kriegbaum giving a title to the team of Cena & Big Show, 2/25/05

EB Games Shopper: Hey, look! They have Wrestlemania Times eight, for the Gamecube.
- EB Games Shopper getting confused at the name of a wrestling title (Wrestlemania X-8), 2/23/05

(Shawn Michaels puts someone in the corner and bangs their head against each turnbuckle post)
Good Ol' JR, Jim Ross: Now he met the whole turnbuckle family!
Justin: Dammit JR! Leave the snide wisecrack comments for Jerry!
- Justin commenting on Raw, 2/21/05

Kyle: She said Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, cuz that's not a bad word, he said stop, stop, stop, and then Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stop, Stop, Stop, StUpId, sTuPiD, StUpId, StOp, sToP, StOp, STUPID STUPID STUPID, STOP!!!
- Kyle talking to Jojo, and this one-track story went on just like this for about five minutes, or so it seemed, 2/21/05

Justin: How should I do my hair, purple?
Kyle: No!
J: Green?
K: NO!!
J: Blue?
K: But I like you just the way you are now, Jo-Jo!!!
- Insane Cuteness on Kyle's part, 2/20/05

February 13 - 19, 2005

Justin: If you put circles on your arms would it be the opposite of straight edge?
Pete R: What? Gay?
J: No, straight edge means free of drugs and alcohol!
PR: Oh, well maybe you should make a dictionary on your website for these Street Terms
- Quite an interesting discussion in Chem Lab, 2/16/05

CNN Ticker: It turns out that 9-Year old boy's 'Frank' the tumor, is non cancerous...
Justin: Who names a tumor???
- Justin talking to the 'infamous' Message Board-killah, Chris Martone, (but this is a serious subject, after a woman set up an online auction to provide for the bills of her son's tumor being taken out, It ended up getting national coverage,) the Ides (15th) of February.

(Justin had just said goodbye to Aunt Jeanne 5 minutes earlier [after his dad found Kyle's Spongebob Game Boy game he had been missing since Christmas, in the van], the phone rings and Justin looks at the caller ID and sees it is her calling back)
Justin: Hello?
J: No, Kyle, just spongebob...
K: Okay, see ya later...
J: See ya later Kyle!
- Kyle and Justin's phone conversation, February 13, 2005

February 6 - 12, 2005

John "Bradshaw" Layfield: [talking to an inflatable dinosaur] yeah, you know what I bet you play baseball ……I ain’t afraid of you …. You don’t scare me …. You’re just like big show ….. you’re afraid of me …. Big show is a dinosaur too … he’s name is barney ….. he eats pizza ….. fight me …. I’m wwe champion …… shut up dragon ….. quick talking back to me ….. who do you think you are ….. I ain’t afraid of you
- Bradshaw after he "got hit with a Tranquilizer dart," February 10, 2005 (transcript for this quote "partially borrowed" from 411 Wrestling)

January 30 - February 5, 2005