February 22 - 28, 2004

Justin on No DQ asking about Ferrari Vs. Paris Hilton at the Ball Park Brawl
- Justin's call to No DQ Wrestling on 107.7 , 2/28/04

Zachary: Marvin's upstairs.
Danielle & Amanda: Marvin, who's Marvin?
Z: Marvin, he's upstairs.
Justin: *comes downstairs*
D: Zach, is that Marvin? *points to Justin*
Z: No! That's Chris!
D & A: *laughing their asses off*
Kyle: *comes downstairs*
A: Zach, is that Marvin? *points to Kyle*
Z: Yeah.
- Zach making up new names for everyone, 2/27/04

Kyle: *jumps on Amanda*
Amanda: Blaze, are you gonna let him beat me up like this???
Blaze: *comes over to help Amanda*
*2 minutes later*
Blaze: OK Kyle, you take that leg, I'll take this leg.
Amanda: HEY!
- Amanda getting double-teamed by Kyle and Blaze, 2/27/04

"Well the house is already idiot proof, since Halen lives there." - Amanda, reassuring her mom that it's ok to take Kyle to Halen's house, 2/27/04

Bryan: So now I look like a lesbian pumpkin?
- Bryan commenting on Justin making fun of Bryans new haircut/dyed hair, 2/25/04.

Danielle: well thats ok, dead aim is KINDA working on my aim now LOL
Danielle: like, i get the blue boxes... and my ims are tabbed...
Danielle: but i cant clone aim
Danielle: lol

Amanda: lol
Amanda: so its like "kinda dead aim"
Amanda: or like "decomposing aim"
Amanda: lol

Danielle: HAHAHAHA
Danielle: YES

- Danielle and Amanda online, talking about "Decomposing AIM", 2/23/04

Infomercial: Daisy Fuentes, Minnie Driver, Danny Glover, ...
Justin: And hundreds of other celebrities you've never heard of!
- Justin watching a commercial for Winsor Pilates, 2/22/04

Danielle: *coughs*
Justin: Bless you.
D: I didn't sneeze.
J: Cough you.
D: That doesn't make sense.
J: Why not?
D: Well, when someone sneezes, you don't say, "Sneeze you".
J: Well... Fuck you.
- Justin dealing with Danielle's illness, 2/22/04

Marc: OSPW needs a black champion.
Justin: Well, maybe if you roll around in the mud for awhile...
- Marc Mandrake and Justin talking online, 2/22/04

February 15 - 21, 2004

"WASTE ANGELS!!!" - Amanda, on Danielle's bed, 2/21/04

*Link from Zelda toy workin' the pole*
Justin: At least it's better than Tim Curry in Rocky Horror Picture Show, The (1975)...
Amanda: Tim Curry was SEXY in RHPS!
Sandy: SEXY???
Amanda: I wanna tap that!!!
- Rot N Luk Central kitchen table conversation, 2/21/04

Alan: What do you have?
Amanda: Eddie Guerrero in a bun!
- Amanda telling Al about her burrito, 2/21/04

Ryan: Who's Danny Magic?
Justin: I let you listen to my impersonation of him last night...
TV: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea, Spongebob... (etc.)
R: Hey! Spongebob's On!
J: Spongebob? Danny Magic?
- Justin Chortie and Ryan (a friend of Justin's) reading the September Quotes page (Danny Magic Visits Rot N Luk Dot Com), and "SpongeBob SquarePants" (1999) came on TV, 2/21/04.

Kyle: Chuck E. Cheese!!!
Danielle: You wanna go to Chuck E. Cheese?
K: Yeah!
D: OK, me and Marc will take you one day.
K: What?
D: Me and Marc... and Randy Walker. And you and Walker can play.
K: Yeah!!!
- Kyle finding Chuck E. Cheese coupons in the newspaper while Danielle was babysitting, 2/20/04

Justin: Hey Dan!
Bryan: That's no way to introduce yourself, you're Marc Mandrake!
Justin: Hey Man, What's Shakin'?
- Justin and Bryan on halloween (10/31/03) (I know vintage quote, I forgot to post it that long ago) Posted on 2/19/04

Chris Halen's wesbsite: The Sons of Thunder and "The Dark Side" Chris Halen go hand in hand...no matter what federation. Where you see the Sons, you see Halen.
HaRdKoRe FeRRaRi: [to Marc Mandrake] Yeah, I BET they go hand in hand.
- Ferrari, online, taking a shot at the Halen Family of Wrestling, 2/17/04

February 8 - 14, 2004

Little Girl: Mommy, I think I'll have a beer to drink...
- Little girl (4YO) that was sitting behind Justin at Ground Round, when he had the worst earache ever (the very day before Ground Round closed its doors). posted 2/14/04

Lisa: Jebediah Springfield was a fraud and a pirate!
Lawyer: A pirate? Well, that's hardly the image we want for Long John Silvers!
- "Simpsons, The" (1989) episode Justin and Amanda watched... posted 2/14/04

"OMELOT SHOOOOOOPPE!!!" - Walker, Matt, Mandrake, and Ferrari upon seeing the Waffle House wannabe, 2/8/04

"WAFFLE HOOOOOOOUSE!!!" - Randy Walker, Referee Matt Young, Marc Mandrake, and Ferrari, 2/8/04

February 1 - 7, 2004

"That is an excellent waffle." - Matt Young at Waffle House, 2/7/04

ChristChex84: What are you interested in?
Person ChristChex84 was talking to: I like Chating.
ChristChex84: I like chating too, I like chatting better, but you know!
- ChristChex84 (Rot N Luk's Close Personal Friend, who loves Dane Cook) chatting online with a 13-year old girl on 2/7/04.

Bryan: *looks over at Andy and whispers* Andy, I'm thirsty.
Andy: *looks over at Justin and whispers* Justin, I'm thirsty.
Justin: *looks up at Danielle*
Danielle: Don't even look at me!
- We're all too lazy to get beverages, 2/3/04

Bryan: I stick to what I know... I'm secure in the fact that Mario will be wearing those blue suspenders and the red hat...
Danielle: Until the end of time?
B: Yes!
Andy: And the object of the game is to save Peach so she can bake Mario a cake.
B: Yeah! You go through castles and jump through paintings all for cake. It's that simple.
D: It's good cake.
A: Homemade.
Al: *playing Road Rash* This is what happens when you lose... [alluding to the videos they show]
B: What? No cake?
- Video game discussions at Rot N Luk Central, 2/3/04

"Star Wars (1977) was good... until they started adding all that stuff to it... like light sabres..." - Bryan's opinion of Star Wars (1977) , 2/3/04

SILENT BUTTON!!! - Amanda & Danielle, 2/1/04


ya know... the makeup itself... was good...
and having HARD and KORE on my cheeks was cool...



I <3 KWAN tattooed across my forehead...

um... yeah, thanks Amanda :-\

*goes to wash my face*

- Danielle's away message after being Amanda's cosmetology guinea pig, 2/1/04

The "No One Likes Me Because I'm An Asshole" car - Amanda, 2/1/04

"Um... Booker T's head just fell down the chute..." - Amanda, 2/1/04