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This animation is probably one of my most weird flash animations,
It's about Mandrake & Ferrari
It is quite crazy
Just to give you a clue, it doesn't end at "This Flash Animation brought to yew by Your friends, at Rot N Luk Dot Com" (the words start disappearing, while you're waiting just listen to the music)
And if you wait long enough there's a few unique messages at the end of it... (wait for a while after the song is over, [the second to last frame says goodbye])
The song playing is Get Drakt by Wicket Slang
If you open it in a browser that loads text first (such as mozilla), it is much more synchronized, but it's still okay on Internet Explorer, and Netscape!
Also, if you push select, x, x, y, b, a, while playing yoshi's island for the super nintendo, you get to play multiplayer minigames (and I don't think any of them involving that goddammed bratty mario screaming his lungs out, although that would be an interesting site to see (baby mario's lung coming out)!
That doesn't have anything at all to do with the flash animation, though...
Just decided I'd share that with you!!!