April 2004 Archived Quotes

April 25 - May 1, 2004

"Eric? Eric? ... *looks around* ... Did he leave?" - After Bischoff left the office, HHH talking to nothing because he can't see, 4/24/04

"I want Tajiri in the ring, TONIGHT!" - Triple H thinking he is talking to Eric Bischoff, when he is actually talking to a plant in Bischoff's office, 4/26/04

April 18 - 24, 2004

"They done hit me in the belt with a head!" - Hoosier Daddy from RCW, talking about the Sons of Thunder, sometime during this week

April 11 - 17, 2004

"Tonight, one of the members of OS...ESW... is going to be on the Ballpark Brawl show!" - Chris Hill at the ESW show 4/17/04

"SNAP LIKE A SLIM JIM!" - Amanda and Justin during the ESW show 4/17/04

Ghetto OSPW names, created by Amanda several weeks ago posted 4/16/04

REGURGITATED MARSHMALLOWS!!! - Amanda's house 4/16/04

Dad: OK, if you see an IHOP, tell me.
Justin: OOOH!
Dad: What? Do you see an IHOP?
Justin: No! Look!
Dad: Oh Jesus, they have those everywhere.
- Justin pointing out the EB Games in a plaza on a major Ohio road 4/14/04

Justin: i had yj stinger
J: and now my eyes are popping out
J: i had to try the product that they endorse so much on wwe programming
Amanda: arent those things like 10 dollars?
A: lol
A: is it the green one? or the pink one?

J: there were all these bees chasing me, than I went in a ride in eddie guerrero's lo-rider, then john cena rapped to me, and finally, chris jericho asked me if I wished I was him and I agreed that I did

- Amanda and Justin online 4/13/04

Sandy: You didn't pee in Dee Dee's bed last night, did you?
Kyle: No. Me farted in it.
- The morning after Kyle's first sleepover at Rot N Luk Central, 4/11/04

April 4 - 10, 2004

Pictures from Danielle and Amanda's Easter Egg coloring adventures on 4/9/04

"What are you saying? That the tool gnomes came and took my tools?" - Danielle arguing with the guy at Pullen's because her tools are missing, 4/8/04

Pictures of the Mastiff and Danny Magic candy bars that Justin and Amanda got at ESW on 3/20/04, pics posted on 4/5/04

March 28 - April 3, 2004

Pictures of Ian Decay at NWL 4/3/04

Dangers of Bread posted by Mike Warren on the IndyDivas Yahoo group on 4/1/04